Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday night stuff

So today was our first Sunday helping out in the 18 month-3 year children's church class at our church.  Yes, the one I swore I would not work in.  Because I do not particularly enjoy playing with toys or reading kids' books, and it takes every ounce of my pathetically small amount of maternal nature to manage to do those things with my kids. So having any left for the 16 other kids in the class...not so much.  I have such a good attitude sometimes, don't I? :)  Working on it. It turned out to not matter much what I thought, though, as Vivian (who was up in the nursery) did a massive blowout diaper within 5 minutes of the start of church, and then I had to feed her during the last 30 minutes of church, so I was out of the class a lot. Thank goodness for the other 4 adults.  And thanks to Vivian for being a fabulous excuse :)

Other than that we've just been hanging out at home because I'm feeling fat and tired and anti-social.  Ironically, I also withdrew from the weight loss challenge that I was participating in. Not for lack of motivation, but because my milk supply disappeared during the week that I was being careful about calories  and lost 3 pounds. I started eating more again after that and things improved. So I'm going to sign up for WW again, since they have the nursing mom program and since I know WW works for me.  And I have to be patient a bit longer on the hard-core weight loss. Vivian is 5 1/2 months old and starting solid food, so I wont be her sole source of food too much longer.

Speaking of Vivian, she's been rubbing her ear and not sleeping all day (until now- she fell asleep sitting up on my lap and is curled over my arm- so cute!). I'm really hoping it's just teething pain and nothing more serious. Ethan has never had an ear infection, so I've not ever seen the signs up close and personal in my kids.  Hard to believe that he's not had any problems, since I had terrible ear problems as a child and teenager, and had an ear infection last winter!

Anyway- that's all the randomness from here. Daniel's home tomorrow and we still haven't decided what to do with our free time.  Probably a museum of some sort or the aquarium. Something fun, that's for sure! Have a good Monday, everyone!

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