Friday, November 20, 2009

Sometimes I think that I should not be allowed out of the house

I spend so much of my time at home, talking to just the kids and occasionally my husband- so much time that I'm starting to worry that I'm losing the ability to have actual conversations with actual adults.

Last night I got myself all dressed up and headed out to a fancy blogger party in downtown Seattle with Liz.  I managed to find something that almost fit, so was happy about that. And the rain was down to a mild drizzle, so that made for a nicer walk to the party than I was imagining.

We arrived and got some wonderful hors d'oeuvres and started chatting with people. Liz, who's been stressing out for weeks about meeting everyone, was very typically Liz and was best friends with 90% of the room within about 10 minutes. She cracks me up :)  And I did pretty well for a while, chatting with Mona about her pregnancy and her son, and getting to know a few other people.

But then I started making stupid comments (I blame the cocktails and the fact that I never leave home anymore), telling the nicest, sweetest blogger that I was glad to have her sit down next to me, rather than the (also very nice) skinny blonde that had been sitting next to me. And I meant nothing bad by it, just that the new person sitting next to me wasn't 6 feet tall and blonde, and I look particularly bad next to 6 foot tall blondes.  :(

I followed that up by making a comment about how insane it would be to have three kids- while talking to a group of people who all had three kids. Sigh. Again, I meant for me, since I'm horrible at pregnancy and childbirth and don't particularly like babies, but it all came out wrong.  By that point I just wanted to find furniture and hide under it, but the room that we were partying in did not have any appropriate hiding spots.

I did get to meet Leanne, who was totally nice, and we traded stories about the best part of review blogging- cute men bringing presents to our houses all the time! That's my favorite part of these events, finding new blogs to read!

I think my body was ashamed of my dumb comments last night as well- because by the time I got home, the slight tickle in my throat had turned into a full-fledged sore throat and I woke up sick and sans voice this morning.  :) 

But, it was a fun evening overall, and so good to finally get a break from the kids.  It's funny how much more I appreciate them when I've been away from them for a little while!  Ethan's spending the morning pretending not to hear me at all when I say something to him in my sad little non-voice. And Vivian is still sleeping (it's 10:30) and she slept all night, and this is a little unusual, so I'm getting a bit scared that she might have caught whatever this is that I have. Hopefully she's just tired though, and it'll be nothing.

I'll blog more later about the details of the party on my review blog. Stay tuned!


Momstart said...

It was nice to meet you there last night. I know you didn't offend anyone with your comments, you probably weren't even heard. It was so loud.

I feel like a social Dud.

carrie said...


How did I miss the 3-kid comment? LOL! You are silly, you were wonderful, as always. Fun, nice, kind, gorgeous, friendly, smart and downright WONDERFUL!

Can't wait to see you again!

Lizzie said...

Bwahahaha! Everyone loved you, silly! Even the skinny blonde. :D It was all good fun.