Monday, November 9, 2009

So excited!

Drinking coffee, eating oatmeal, trying to deny the fact that it's Monday again. And raining again. But, the little weather forecast widget on my sidebar has a sunshine icon for Thursday, and I have plans with the girls for Thursday, so I have something to look forward to this week!

And next week I'm going to a blogger cocktail party, which I'm super excited about. Although I will probably need to comb my hair and change out of my pjs for that, which might be a challenge.

AND my family and I are going to Great Wolf Lodge in December with a bunch of other bloggers from Seattle and I just saw the list and I'm so excited because it's a whole bunch of bloggers that I adore and can't wait to see again. And I get to show off Vivian and meet everyone else's cute kids too! Fun!!!!


Felicia said...

Wow!! Super fun events going on for you!

Ashley said...

Wow, very cool! I've been wanting to check out the Great Wolf Lodge, how did you get the hook-up for that? :)