Monday, November 30, 2009

Not dead yet :)

Actually, I'm much better today, thank goodness! Thanks for all your nice comments on Saturday. I was sicker Saturday night than I'd been in a long time, but my fever broke overnight and by this morning I was mainly back to normal. Now I'm just trying to rehydrate and eat a bit more. My milk supply is UBER sensitive to my calorie intake and I can tell that Vivian hasn't been too happy after her feedings lately. 

I'm going to do my part to making up for my loss of calories with dinner tonight- I'm getting to go out to one of the nicest restaurants in Seattle tonight with my coworkers.  So nice that it has a dress code. Given that people wear jeans to the opera and ballet here, anyplace with a dress code is highly unusual in Seattle. I'm wearing a dress that I wore pre-Vivian, and it's pretty forgiving, so I think it looks okay. I also have plans to wear my beloved stiletto heels, despite the fact that I rarely wear anything other than tennis shoes or flats anymore and will probably fall over and make a fool of myself.  :)

I just want to say what a huge blessing Daniel was this weekend.  He is amazing. Not one word of complaint as he did everything around the house this weekend and did a remarkable job with the kids, plus some things for his job and a bunch of other things on his to-do list. Unfortunately he woke up with the sore throat this morning. I've been disinfecting since then- we cannot have the kids get sick, since we're off to Great Wolf Lodge on Saturday with a bunch of other bloggers and I've been counting down the days for weeks! Must stay well!

And I think I successfully found a gift for Vivian for Christmas. Now I'm just trying to think of what else I need at Amazon to try to get my basket up to $25 for free shipping :)


Scout's Honor said...

Oh, no! Get better. Thinking nice sanitizing thoughts for your family. :)

maggie said...

Are you going to CANLIS?! I swear, everyone goes there without me. I LIKE DRESS CODES.

And what did you get Vivi for Christmas? P and I had an Actual Argument about this in Toys R US yesterday and came home with NADA.