Monday, November 23, 2009

My daughter, the GIANT bed hog

Okay- some background information before I get to the point of this post. Our home- tiny. Too small for things like crying it out at night, because Ethan inevitably wakes up whenever Vivian cries and starts getting upset himself, saying "baby? crying?" over and over and over in his room. So in order to keep from having two kids awake late at night or early in the morning, we will do anything to keep the peace. 

The other thing about our home being tiny is that we really have to be careful how much stuff we have, and we have to be wise about all our furniture choices.  This is why it's a little scary that Vivian has not one bed, but two.  We moved Ethan up to a toddler bed a few months ago (easiest thing we've done with the kid so far, ever) and that left his crib open for Vivian. And she'll hang out in there, but so far having her sleep in there at night hasn't worked since she wakes up in the middle of the night fairly often. 

So, when she outgrew her bassinet in our room, we were a little unsure what to do, but then I won a great giveaway package over at Life Starring the Kids and Me, and one of the prizes was a fancy new pack-n-play. This thing is plush! And it arrived just when Vivian couldn't fit in her bassinet anymore, and we wedged it into the corner of our bedroom, ceding even more territory to her highness. She slept well there for a couple of nights, then decided that sleeping alone was for the birds and that she would only sleep in our bed. Snuggled right up next to me. Oh, and I have to be facing her. 

Now, I wake up every morning, stiff from not moving in my sleep, with the girl who has two beds of her own taking up the middle half of my bed, with her head snuggled up to me and her little body taking up most of the middle of our bed. And a lump somewhere far at the other edge of the bed that I can only assume is Daniel.

But you know what, I can't get too upset about all this, because she is growing up so fast that I can almost see her maturing during the day every day. And pretty soon she's going to be a wiggly toddler instead of a snuggly baby and I'm going to so miss these snuggle sessions. I'm awfully blessed to have them.


Andrea said...

My girls are 20 months apart. Emma is a VERY light sleeper. Right before Megan was born we set out for a LOUD white noise machine. We tested all of the high end models, and none of them seemed like they got loud enough to even damper the sound of walking up the stairs...then we found one at Walmart. It's awesome. It was $25. We could be in our room with Megan screaming at the top of her lungs, and Emma doesn't flinch.

I now have them in the room together, even though Megan wakes up at night. Megan wakes up and just talks, but I run in there and grab her before it wakes Emma up, and with the white noise machine I know I have a couple of minutes before Megan starts really wailing. I usually put Emma to sleep first...then Megan, in my bed (now in the pack and play in my room...she also naps here) then I move Megan to her crib in her big sister's room around 11pm. Every night around 3am she wakes up and I bring her back, but it gives a few hours to sleep next to my husband without little fingers up my nose, bed hogs, etc...

Lizzie said...

I wish I could get Lucy to lie in our bed - especially on those nights when I end up sleeping in the rocking chair with her. Sigh. said...

she is just so precious in that pic! Audrey has a new thing too. She wants to sleep on her Daddy's shoulder in the recliner. Nice!