Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miscellaneous Wednesday (beware the exclamation points)

Okay, first off- the sun is shining unexpectedly, so my morning resembled a military invasion.  I woke up, saw the sun and started yelling "Okay- kids! Up! Come here! Must change diapers and get dressed. Get in the stroller. GO GO GO!!!" It's been a while since we saw the sun and were willing to venture out.  Then we got to the Science Center and Ethan had a temper tantrum about something and there were 1,000,000 little kids there since it's a holiday, and we left and just went for a walk instead. But we still got out! and saw the sun!

AND- Daniel's boss thought (mistakenly) that the company was giving everyone Veteran's Day off, and then he felt so badly about telling people that when it wasn't true, that he told them they could have it off, or they could have an extra floating holiday. Daniel's swamped at work this week, but next week should be slow, so he's taking off Monday!! We are so excited!!

AND!!! look what my kids did yesterday! It only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was long enough for me to actually vacuum and mop our disgusting floors. And it gave me hope. THIS is why I had kids so close in age, I expect them to entertain each other!


And on a more serious note, thank you to all our veterans today- thanks to all who have served over the last many years and to those who are serving now. And a BIG thanks to the families who send them. I whine about Daniel getting home after 7, I don't know how you handle the long separations. You are in our prayers.

For your viewing pleasure- here are my veterans:  My grandfather (on the left, in uniform), who served at home during WW2 and in Korea during the Korean War; My dad, who served in Vietnam during the war there; And a very young version of my husband (circled in yellow there), who served in the Canadian Army Reserves- we won't discuss the disturbing fact that when he was in the military, I was only in third grade :)

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