Monday, October 19, 2009


Whoooooosh. That is the sound of this last weekend dashing by. Seriously- where did it go? I think it lasted about 30 minutes total. We are not amused.

I already blogged about Saturday, so wont bore you with that.  Saturday night was the first test of the new toddler bed- it took several hours, but Ethan eventually fell asleep in it and slept all night. Daniel, however, apparently was awake most of the night, listening worriedly to the baby monitor to make sure he didn't hear any sounds that would indicate Ethan had gotten out of the bed and into something he shouldn't be playing with or that he hadn't fallen off the edge of the bed. Or something like that.  Can you tell which of the two of us is the worrying parent? 

Sunday was church- which I again missed most of, since Vivian prefers to eat during the service rather than sleep, and the speaker in the nursing room hasn't been working lately.  We went to Red Robin for lunch, since Daniel and I are both addicted to the new Chicken Caprese burgers. SO good.  It's dangerous when Daniel and I both get hooked on the same food- usually he's my voice of reason in food-related matters. We randomly ended up seated at the table next to Maggie and her family, but they were just leaving when we arrived, so we only had a brief time to chat.

Other activities included going over to the new Whole Foods nearby to check it out. Seattle folks- it's nice, but teenytiny.  And an outing to the Pacific Science Center.  And then we wonder why we're so tired at the end of the day on Sunday...

Now I'm just counting the days until this next weekend.  My parents arrive on Wednesday and then will be going to visit my grandmother in Portland this weekend. Since my car is full of carseats, we would have to take two cars if we all went, so we decided that just they would go but that they could take Ethan down with them. And, as I mentioned before, Daniel needs a break, so this weekend he's going to fly to Denver to see one of his close friends. So it's just going to be me and Vivian at home! Once upon a time being alone with a baby would have sounded stressful, but now it sounds like a wonderful vacation. I don't have to be home alone, but Vivian's so low maintenance that I can actually sit around and watch movies and eat junk food! Heaven!

In the toddler bed update- Ethan did not sleep in his toddler bed last night. Currently he is hanging out in his bed, but is not napping. Vivian is napping in the crib, and seems undisturbed by his talking while she sleeps, so that's good. I think this is going to be a transition that takes a little while, but we're getting there!


maggie said...

And really, it WAS the best part of our weekend. BY FAR.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Wish we had a Whole Foods closer to us.