Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What makes a good day for a stay-at-home mom?

What makes a good day for a stay-at-home mom?  A day in which almost no time is actually spent at home.  Seriously, SUCH a difference! This morning I had plans to meet up with Liz and Maggie at a local coffee shop. That plan turned into a giant disaster- I'm so sorry guys, I really liked the place when I went before, but there wasn't anyone else there that time and I apparently didn't look very closely at the toys :( Read Maggie's blog post here for all the details of today's adventure.

Anyway, I decided that I couldn't handle the idea of Daniel standing out in the pouring rain to wait for the bus and then walking from the stop to his office, so the kids and I drove him to his office and dropped him off before driving back to Seattle to where I was supposed to meet the girls. But first I had to run by Goodwill to drop some stuff off. Which turned into going in to shop for some jeans for Ethan and then picking up some other stuff. Hurray! Shopping! 

Then we ended up at Lizzie's house for a while, where Ethan laughed hysterically at everything Lucy did, and Lucy stared at Ethan like he was insane. After an hour and a bit of that, I figured Ethan was completely exhausted, so we headed home in the pouring rain, where I had great hopes of naptimes.

It did not happen. So after an hour of the kids hanging out in their beds and not sleeping while I frantically tried to get some actual work done for my paying job, I gave up. Seriously Ethan, 26 months old? TOO young to quit napping. We've had maybe 3 naps in the last two weeks. I am not amused. 

But, I had the car and was determined to take advantage of that, so we once again loaded up in the car and drove outside of Seattle, this time to the big mall down south.  Where Ethan, being completely exhausted, was actually content to sit in his stroller and be pushed around the mall while I shopped. Vivian's always happy with shopping, she's a girl, but Ethan tends to not go for it, so this was quite the exciting day for me.

We even took advantage of the mall's swanky family lounge, complete with nursing cubicles with individual TVs. Genius!  This is where my day got funny though- I walked into the lounge and the TV was playing Curious George. So I thought "Curious George is on, it must be 4:30."  I didn't bother to look at my watch, I just decided to tell time by the TV show.  Then we went to the play area outside the family lounge for Ethan to play, while we killed the last 30 minutes of time before leaving to pick up Daniel. What I had forgotten is that Curious George is no longer on at 4:30 here, it's only on at 5. Which I know, but slipped my mind.  So we were 30 minutes late leaving the mall to get Daniel. Lesson learned. Don't tell time by what children's show is on TV.

Then we all went out for dinner. Thai food! And arrived home tired and happy at 8 PM. Total time spent at home today? 2 hours.  Sigh of happiness.  This kind of stay-at-home momhood is the kind I can handle! Now I just have to figure out how to get Lizzie and Maggie to trust me to ever plan an outing again :) 


maggie said...


You are amazing. Here I am thinking I'm a superstar because I went to the grocery store AND the coffee shop AND Liz's house in ONE MORNING. That's THREE THINGS! I would neeeeever drive down south to shop, OMG.

Lizzie said...

Haha! I believe that the coffee shop has the POTENTIAL to be cool without rude obnoxious people in it. :D

Erin said...

Please forgive the assvice, if it is indeed assvice.

Don't give up trying to have Ethan nap. Both my kids went (or are going) through a stage where they didn't want to nap in the afternoon. And would fight the nap the whole time they were in their rooms. The key, I believe, is a) that I left them in there, playing or talking to themselves for the duration of the nap time and b) that I kept putting them in their beds at nap time. Even if they didn't sleep.

The quiet time for them (AND YOU!) is critical and I think a lot of people give up on the nap too early when their kid might still benefit from it. Of course, that is my $0.02. I'm glad you had a good day in spite of naplessness!