Monday, October 5, 2009

We're on to their diabolical plan

Our kids- so cute. So totally wearing us down into the ground. By last night, both Daniel and I were reduced to quivering masses of exhausted parent jello.  Waving white flags of surrender. "We give up. We'll give you whatever you ask for. Please, just let us have 5 minutes of rest!"  We decided that the kids have been talking behind our backs, and think that they have been having conversations along these lines...

Ethan (to Vivian): Okay, Vivian. Here's the plan. I will be in charge of the running around like a lunatic and touching everything that they tell me not to touch over and over part of things.  I'll mix in some begging-to-be-put-in-the-crib whining, followed immediately by why-have-you-put-me-in-the-crib screaming. I'll also boycott all forms of napping all weekend and will beg for food, then will actually only eat food that has fallen on the ground during previous meals.
Your task is to look cute and sweet all day, but fuss every time they try to put you down. Also, you need to be sure that you look healthy all day, but that your cold suddenly gets worse in the evening so that you cannot sleep lying down and must be held all night on the couch in an upright position. While they're holding you upright, if they should doze off, be sure to lift up your head and headbutt them in the face.  We can't have any sleeping on the job."
Vivian: Gurgle. Goo."

We did survive the weekend, but it was a doozy.  One of those weekends when I am SO grateful and blessed to have Daniel around. If I had been doing it alone, I would have probably be curled up in the fetal position and rocking and humming by now. As it was, we're totally worn out today! I felt bad for Daniel, having to try to work and be intelligent today!

We did end up going out on Saturday night and had a nice date night. Love those gift certificates, we had another nice dinner on Saturday night for not too much money.  My sainted best friend had a good evening with the kids, she's great with kids, so we knew she could handle them, even in their current less-than-charming form.  Sunday I missed church, but did get out to the store in the afternoon with Ethan. It was so weird to be out with just one kid again. Totally easy to get around with just a toddler! I'd forgotten! And Vivian finally slept through the night, because it dawned on us that plugging in the humidifier might help. Seriously, you'd never know we weren't first-time parents sometimes. We've forgotten so much!

And today was doctor's appointments day. Ethan got a flu shot and a referral to the occupational therapist at Children's Hospital to look into his eating problems. He did gain a couple of pounds, thanks to the fact that we've been having him drink whipping cream with his whole milk, but he's still not eating well and isn't getting great nutrition, so something needs to be done about that. Vivian is doing great- she's up to a little over 12 pounds now. She's 12 pounds at 4 months, Ethan is 24 pounds at 26 months... yeah, he needs to start watching out for little sister! She's catching up fast!

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Lizzie said...

What doesn't kill us.... right? I'm looking forward to helping tire your kids out for you this week! :)