Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thinking about the possibility of maybe trying to think about losing some weight

Yeah, I'm so not actually motivated enough to get back into the whole diet and exercise thing yet. But I think I'm getting closer. I know myself well enough to know that there's no point in doing it unless I'm ready to go for it 100%.  I was doing pretty good about exercise- walking up hills with the giant stroller and doing the Wii workouts, but then it got hot this summer and exercising in here was just not a possibility. Now I am too busy with work and the blogs and the kids not napping to workout at home, unless I get up early and do it. I suppose that's a possibility.  We're also thinking about joining the Y, then Daniel and I could both work out on the weekends, since the Y has child care. Seattle people- any suggestions? No, I do not run, that is not an option. I have bad knees.

The thing is, I'm at the weight that I always seem to end up at. This is the exact weight that I was at before Daniel and I got engaged. Then I did Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds in a little under a year.  Then I got married and then I got pregnant. And I lost half of what I gained during Ethan's pregnancy. Enough to get EXACTLY back to the same weight. And then I got pregnant again and didn't gain as much, so pretty quickly lost all my Vivian weight, and now am right back there again. Seriously, the exact number. My body apparently likes this weight. But it's not a healthy weight for someone of my height and not a good idea given my family history of heart disease. So something must be done.

But not quite yet. Mostly because I have big plans for junk food this weekend :) I think that I'll probably do Weight Watchers again when I get to it though.  Any other suggestions for what's worked for you guys? Anyone want to be in charge of yelling at me? I'm married to a thin person and my only child eating solid food is a non-eater, so no support there...


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I need to get motivated to lose weight too. Are you still nursing? I am and it does not help me loose weight at all. If anything, my metabolism has come to a screeching halt. I hate that but I am dedicated to nursing her as long as I can or until 12 months. We will have to talk sometime about weight watchers, I am interested. :)

maggie said...

Yeah, if you are nursing I will add my name to the group of people for whom nursing was NOT a magic weight loss pill. I didn't lose the last 10 pounds of Jack weight until I stopped. So there is that.

The first time I tried losing weight I barely exercised at all, but I still lost about 30 pounds (and haven't gained it back!) I think what and how much you eat is SO important, and I think WW is a good tool to realign your food relationship. I did the low carb thing until just recently when I checked out WW. So even if you don't exercise often or can't, you can totally do it with diet.

I hear you on the running - I STILL can't believe I do that - and gyms are out of the question for me. I do have to give a shout out to Jillian Michaels, though. I bought the shred DVD for $8 and now I have honest to God muscles. I worked my way up to Level 3 and I can totally tell a difference in my body, especially my arms. I also tried a few of her workouts on On Demand (do you have that?) and loved those as well. HARD work, but the great thing about the Shred is that it's only 20 minutes long, and she never makes you do one exercise longer than 60 seconds. I do it during naptime, but I'm a nap nazi. The only other time I'd be able to do it is if I woke up before the kids and THAT is not happening.

Sorry to TOTALLY HIJACK YOUR COMMENTS. Shut up, me. Just want to encourage you!

Ashley said...

I finally decided to buckle down and just do it, since most of my baby weight from having Natalie was just not budging at all. I'm doing Nutrisystem now, and even though I'm not really exercising (other than hauling the double stroller and two kids around everywhere), I lost 10 and a half pounds in 4 weeks! So it is working! You can actually go see my diet blog if you want for more details, it's at http://cravingsandconfessions.blogspot.com

It's hard, but at least it's working!

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Flat Belly Diet???
I am doing it now and it is easy.

JK said...

I'd still like to lose about 9 pounds too. I have the sick flabby post baby belly. Luckily, I have a husband that LOVES working out, so I work out with him, otherwise I wouldn't. We eat in the Zone diet, which is pretty easy; my husband has seen great results with it (I haven't done it completely right since I'm breastfeeding). My mom has been really successful with Weight Watchers. I think if you just do ANYTHING, at least you'd be working up to it.