Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I like (and a few that I'm not so crazy about)

It's Monday, but so far it's been a good one.  The kids and I had a good morning- not moving too quickly today, but that's what Mondays are all about, right? We watched a great episode of Dinosaur Train this morning, then headed to the Pacific Science Center so that Ethan could say hi to the dinosaurs there.  He totally cracks me up- he'll just stand below the gigantic dinosaurs and say "hi" and babble to them in his language.  Maybe the dinosaurs understand?

So, things I'm liking today.

Other things I'm liking today- no pictures of these- Starbucks grande soy latte with sugar-free caramel syrup, and the fact that flu shots really don't hurt. AND- the fact that I'm going to get to review a diaper bag that, if it is half as cool as it looks online, will probably be my favorite thing ever.  Seriously, I've been giddy since the person emailed me on Friday night.  Daniel is so sick of hearing about it. And I haven't even gotten the bag yet. I'm that excited just from the picture!!!

And a few things that I am slightly less crazy about:

So that's life here on this Monday. Hope your weeks are off to a great start!


Jen said...

So apparently I am an avid skimmer of your blog b/c I clicked on your review button and it opened a whole new world to me. I didn't know you did that! It is awesome and seems like a lot of fun.


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Love your positive spin..that really helps!