Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The really good thing about having kids close together

Having two kids in 21 months mostly has kicked my butt up and down the sidewalk. I've been worn out for a year now, through a tough pregnancy and recovering from a c-section and having a toddler and a newborn. And now I have two kids teething at the same time and all that crap. But you know what? There are times that make it all okay. My kids adore each other, and they're so young that they will never have any memory of life without the other one around. Tonight was one of those wonderful times when I caught a glimpse of how much they are fascinated with each other.


Erin said...

It is so hard in the early months to have your kids close together, but as they get more independent, it is SO worth it. Especially when they get along and adore each other. I'd imagine less so if they despise each other. :)

Mami2jcn said...

I love your kids' names! Mine are named Julian, Christian, and Nina, which I think are similar in style to yours.

My 2 boys are 20 months apart in age. It was very rough at the beginning. I've had 3 c-sections so I know what you mean about the recovery process. Now that my sons are 6 1/2 and almost 5, they are best friends and all of that work was worth it.

My baby girl is only 6 weeks old, so there's a wide gap between her and the boys. I like that...it feels much easier.