Thursday, October 8, 2009

I totally and utterly adore Fall in the Northwest

I'd like to start out this blog post with a deep sigh of happiness... I totally love Fall in the Northwest! We've been having sunshine all week, but it's not warm- a comfortable 61 degrees outside and 75 inside.  Perfection! I can go for walks with the kids and push the 60+ pounds of kids and stroller uphill and I'm not a sweaty mess at the end of my walk.  And I can wear cute cool-weather clothes.

We're off to the pumpkin patch on Saturday for our annual outing. Must get pictures of the kids and pumpkins!  That's one of the things that they don't tell you about in the prenatal parenting classes- the insane pressure you will feel to take your kids to a pumpkin patch and photograph them next to some pumpkins! It's practically a biological urge.

Things are going well here- I had a nice outing yesterday morning with Lizzie and Maggie. Ethan continues to be head over heels for Lizzie's 1-year-old daughter. He would run off into a section of the Children's Museum, forgetting that his friends were with us, then he would stop and say "where Woosie?" and run back to get her. She's fairly apathetic about him, but he is undeterred.

Vivian's still working on growing her teeth and figuring out this whole crawling thing. I told the doctor on Monday that Vivian was trying to crawl. The doctor looked at me like she didn't believe me. Then Vivian tried to crawl off the exam table.  She still hasn't figured it out though, she just lies on her tummy pushed up on her arms and pushing on the floor with her feet. Since she's my second child and I know just how totally over my free time will be once she starts crawling, I am not encouraging this behavior or helping her figure it out. :)

Anyway, just wanted to check in so that you all don't feel neglected. Things are vaguely insane with reviewing stuff for the review blog and with work and oh, yeah, the two small kids and the husband.  My parents arrive in a little less than 2 weeks, so we're looking forward to that!  Extra hands around the condo. Free entertainment! 

Have a great Thursday evening everyone.  It's the Office wedding episode tonight! From one of the commercials I saw, it looked like the office people were going to do the dance from that youtube video- the Forever one? If they do, I will probably die laughing.  I hope I'm right!

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