Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forget the alphabet, where's the train?

I have to admit, I have no clue as to whether my son can identify any letters of the alphabet other than the letter o. He's fascinated with the letter o and points it out everywhere he sees it. But that's about it for letters.  Same thing for numbers and fruits and body parts and animals and all those other things that he should know by now. Except apples, he also knows apples.

For example, we were reading "The Everything Book" the other day (great book by the way, you need it in your toddler's library!).  This book has it all, counting, letters, all the interesting things that we want our kids to learn.  The problem is that when I try to read to Ethan, it usually goes as follows:

Me: Look Ethan, there are the letters. Can you show me a letter?
Ethan: O! (pointing to O)
Me: That's great, can you show me A? 
Ethan: O! (pointing to O)
Me: What about E? Do you know E?
Ethan: O!
Me: Okay, let's look at this page of fruit
Ethan: Choo Choo! (ripping the book out of my hands and flipping to the page with the train)
Me: Yes, choo choo. Now look at this page, it has fruit, can you show me the orange? 
Ethan: (pointing to an apple) Apple!
Me:That's right, that's an apple.  
Ethan: (pointing to the pumpkin on the counter) Apple! 
Me: No, like I've been telling you all week, that's a pumpkin. Not an apple.
Ethan: Apple! Choo-choo! (ripping the book out of my hands again and turning back to the choo-choo.
Me: Sigh. Yes, choo-choo.

He does like to read on his own and look at his books in his bed, but he doesn't respond well to direct questions, so I really have no idea if he's learning anything useful. I'm praying that it's sinking in somehow.

In other news, it's dark and raining here and Daniel left me to run errands. He had to go pick up Ethan's toddler bed and go to the dentist, so we really couldn't go. But boy was it hard to let him walk out the door alone on a Saturday. I pretty much make it through the long days at home during the week with the thought of not being at home alone with the kids on the weekend, so it's hard when Saturday looks an awful lot like any other day of the week.

But, I'm heading out later this afternoon to a Seattle Mom Blog event at a local grocery store, so that should be fun. I'll write about that on my review blog later!


Jen said...

How funny that your son in Washington knows the letter O and my son in Ohio only knows the letter W!

We have Husky socks that his great-grandma Washington (my grandmother that lives in Everett) sent him last Christmas with W's all over them. Hence why he calls them his "W" (double-yous).

Ashley said...

Isn't it funny how kids are like that? Kirsten only can identify the color "blue" and she calls everything "blue" no matter what color it really is! Then she always identifies triangles and knows that they have equal sides, but doesn't say anything about other shapes!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny. My youngest guy loves the letter O too, it was the first letter he kept pointing out! Now that he's a little older he has learned most of his letters and is working on the numbers, but he still calls anything that is in the shape of a circle "O"!