Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Carrie and the no good day

Yet another Tuesday saga. Seriously. What is it with me and Tuesdays? This morning when we were getting ready, I noticed that a box on the bottom of our closet was wet on the side. I ignored this until after we had gone out for a walk, intending to go to the Pacific Science Center. When we got to the Science Center, we discovered that it's closed on Tuesdays. So we went to the Children's Museum. You're shocked, I know.  We also went yesterday and have plans to go tomorrow.

When we got home, I started moving things out of the closet and discovered that our emergency supply of water had gotten squished by our Goodwill items and 3 gallons of water had spilled out.

That box is full of Daniel's hiking boots. Do you know what wet, moldy hiking boots smells like?

My condo was already a total disaster before the water incident.  I am behind on my reviews and am behind on my bible study and my work and my laundry and everything else, so things are piled up everywhere. Unloading an entire closet did not help the situation.

Cleaning the closet took all of naptime, so I'm still behind on everything.  Ethan woke up grouchy because his silly teeth are still coming in.  Vivian's also fussy, because she's still getting over yesterday's shots.  I'm not even going to admit what I saw when I looked into her mouth today. Not the beginnings of her first set of teeth. Really. Nope, no teething there.

I need a break. Just a little one.  Unfortunately, so does my husband, so it's not likely to happen soon.  I don't think I've ever felt so worn down in my life. At least it's 4:30, so the end of Tuesday is in sight. I just have to hang on for 3 more hours until Daniel gets home from work.  I can make it. Really!


Lizzie said...

Oh, yuck, yuck, yuck! I'm sorry!

Andrea said...

I had a rotten day too. Went out to my car to take my 2 year old to preschool, and the battery was dead. got a jump, dropped her off, drove to the Saturn dealership only to find it was closed down (thanks economy)I did get a nap :-) picked Emma up, dropped both girls off at the grandparents house early enough for date night before a concert at the school I teach at, got rear ended, missed dinner and part of the concert waiting on the cops (no one was hurt fortunately and our car wasn't damaged much but the other drivers wasn't drivable) we did go to a late dinner, and now I'm just finishing up some late minute work at...what time is it? yeah 1am...

Can we skip Tuesday next week?