Friday, October 30, 2009

Another pathetic blog post

If you opened your browser hoping for a cheerful, funny post from me, this is NOT that post. Hopefully I'll have one of those tomorrow, complete with cute pictures of kids! In Halloween costumes!  We still have no idea what Ethan's wearing tomorrow night to trick or treat at the mall, as he will not put on his lion costume. And we really don't want someone to call CPS on us if we're trying to get him dressed in the mall or parking lot and he's having a fit. 

Sad today. Mom and Dad left last night at about the kids' bedtime. They did make it home by late morning, after a long night of flights and then driving. So now they're home and sad and we're here and sad.  My poor dad could hardly walk by the time they left- he's two weeks from having back surgery, and hanging out with Ethan and doing all the walking we do around here did not help him.  Hopefully the next two weeks will pass quickly!

And it's full-swing rainy season here in Seattle, so that's why all the Seattle blogs that you read are full of doom and gloom. Lizzie was over here today for a while and we were talking about how the first month or so of the darkness and rain is the hardest part, since we still remember what the sun was like! Soon we'll aclimate and remember how to self-medicate with coffee and chocolate, and all will be well again.

So that's all my whininess from here. Must go convince Ethan to nap so that I can catch up on some review blogging. Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe tomorrow night!

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