Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wine is making me feel better tonight, starting before I even drank it

Vivian woke up at 5 AM, whining about something and wanting to eat. Which is fine- she usually eat and then goes right back to sleep. And, as predicted she did. Unfortunately, her brother is a little harder to manage, and he woke up at 7, screaming. We couldn't get annoyed though, the poor kid is getting in the first of his 2-year molars as well as his last canine tooth, and he has a cold and can't breathe.

The day pretty much went downhill from there. Ethan whined and screamed about everything. The kids took turns napping/being overly needy.  Vivian continued exerting her newfound opinion-having nature by crying every time I put her down. She only ate enough to nurse herself to sleep, which meant she wanted to eat every 1.5 hours.

Then Daniel came home. He told me he was leaving early, at 4, but didn't leave until 4:45, but still. That got him home before 6. And I stayed home for exactly 1.2 seconds after he came in.  Long enough to say "thebabyateshe'sfinejustwhinyEthan'sfinejustwhinyIgavehimmedicineI'llberightback".

And then I went to Trader Joe's and bought gyoza for dinner and baklava and wine. And when I got to checkout, the MOST WONDERFUL checkout clerk ever! mumbled something. I said "excuse me" and he said "can I see your ID please?" I could have hugged him.  You see, I did remember to get dressed before leaving the house, but did not remember to put on even one molecule of makeup. And I'm getting Ethan's cold and had spent the day with two cranky kids and I'm 32, and look nowhere in the remotest vicinity of 21 but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

So I had a bounce in my step by the time I got home after running the rest of my errands. Hurray for men who can't tell the age of women! The nice wine just made the joy even greater :)

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

ha! That is great! I love trader joe's! Wish we had one here!