Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I saw when I got home last night

Last night after Daniel got home, I went out quickly to go pick up some books/DVDs on hold at the library and to run to the grocery store. It's ridiculous just how much I enjoy those simple little outings on my own. I even paused for a little while and stood on the steps of the library, breathing in the warm night air and enjoying the quiet. 

And then I got home, and I opened the front door. And, since the security chain was on (our front door is stupid and can be unlocked by pulling down on the handle- the handle that's within reach of our toddler...), I couldn't actually open the door all the way. But through the three inch crack, I could see Ethan sitting on the very high kitchen counter, removing all the fruit from the fruit bowl. Daniel claims that Ethan climbed really quickly, and that a few moments before had just been happily sitting in a dining room chair, looking at pictures on the computer.

Ethan spent most of the afternoon today trying to climb up on the dining room table, so I can vouch for his speed in climbing things. This is not good. I had been sort of lulled into a false sense of security with Ethan, for a long time, I could put him in front of the TV and an hour later he wouldn't have budged an inch. Not true anymore- every time we turn our backs, he's dashed off into a different part of the condo.

I am so grateful to have a tiny home when things like this are going on!  Not too many places that Ethan can go that are out of sight!  We're just really hoping that it doesn't occur to him that he can easily climb out of his crib...


Lindsay said...

2 things.
1 - great perspective on yesterday's post. Even though you already knew everything you wrote down, it's such a good reminder eh?
2 - I don't have kids but I hear you on the alone time in a way. We share a car and a tiny apt so we really don't get much solo time. The other day we were going for a walk and I was like, "um can I listen to my ipod?"...but I meant it nice, just you know, time to oneself is a nice thing.

JK said...

I love your comment about the alone time. It's pretty nice (and rare!) as a mom of young ones (I have 3, 3 and under). But sometimes when I go places alone a feel weird, like something's missing.

Amanda said...

Our third is a climber extraordinaire. It's a whole new game when they start scaling!