Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Friday thoughts

1. So jealous of the bloggers hanging out in Sacramento this weekend- next year I will not be a nursing mom and am SO going to be there!

2.  The other day I was sitting and holding Vivian and looked at her eyes and realized that her eyelids don't match.  One (her right eye- on the left in the picture below) is more like a typical Caucasian person's eyelids.  And the other is more of the Asian eyelid. So far, her one Caucasian eyelid is the only evidence that I am her biological mother. Seriously.

3. Today we went to Ethan's first "tot bop" class at the local community center. Started out badly, as they have a tiny parking lot and the classes are back to back, so if you show up 5 minutes early, there is no parking. So I had to haul the baby in her infant seat and the toddler across the street, down the sidewalk and to the community center. Even worse going back, when it was hauling them all uphill.

And Ethan behaved pretty much exactly as I thought he would- he clung to me and screamed for 48 of the 50 minute class. He's weird that way- he is REALLY social in most situations- loving to say hi to people and smile and wave and hold hands, but you put him in a setting where he's expected to participate in singing or dancing or reading a story, and he has a nervous breakdown.  But he used to be good in daycare, so I don't know what the logic is behind his freakouts. I liked the class and so did Vivian, so we're going to keep going on Fridays, cranky toddler or no cranky toddler.

4.  We are going on the third day with no nap now.  Or no real nap. Yesterday he fell asleep around 5 PM for a while. We've been out doing stuff these days, so he should be tired, but he's apparently not.

5. Remember that tomorrow is Free Museum Day!!! We're heading to the Museum of Flight in the morning- we go every year at least once, but haven't been since last fall when Ethan was still pretty little, so he hasn't ever really gotten to enjoy it. I think he'll have a great time this time. And it's free, which appeals to Daniel and I.  I'm donating blood in the morning before we go- the things I will do to get some time to myself :) Actually, I have a rare blood type, so try to donate as much as possible, but have been pregnant so much of the last few years that I haven't been able to go in as often as I would like.  But now I'm done with all that silliness, so should be able to be a better donor.

6. Anyway, I need to go load up my non-nappers into the car and go get Daniel at work. Hope you all have a great weekend!


**Nicole** said...

Too funny about her eyelids not matching being the only sign you're her mom :D Everyone says my little girl looks just like her daddy too!

Ashley said...

Wow you're right about her eyelids! That's pretty cool!
I hope you had fun at the museum! We didn't end up doing anything fun today really because Kirsten got sick last night. Bummer! I hope we have some more weekends of beautiful weather ahead of us!