Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I so do not have time to be writing this blog post

I tried streamlining and cutting some things out of my life a few weeks ago. The empty spaces didn't last for long, and are now filled with even more things to do!  This morning I woke up in a feverish need to purge some of the physical items from our house. That's how I deal with too much busyness, I have to get rid of physical clutter.  This is kind of a bad time for us, space-wise, since the kids are at totally different developmental stages and need completely different toys. And Vivian's at the stage where all of her toys are ENORMOUS.  We just added the exersaucer to our living room a few weeks ago. Between that, the playmat and the swing, there's not much space left! But I'm trying to find the few things that I can get rid of.  Makes me feel better to have even one or two items out of my living room or closets.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) there's no work for me to do right now for my actual job, so I don't have that to worry about crossing off my to-do list.  Of course, that means no money, but hopefully it's just temporary.

Don't be fooled, I love being busy.  I'm in a 100% better mood than I was earlier this summer when I was moping around feeling useless.

On the toddler bed front, we decided to practice by moving Ethan's crib mattress to the floor of his room. Right now he's playing in his room instead of napping, so that's a fail so far. When we tried it last night at bedtime,  he just laid in the middle of his bed, scared to move, and then after about an hour of that, started crying in fear. It was so pitiful.  We ended up moving the mattress back to the crib and calling it quits for the day. Baby steps, I suppose- but Vivian needs more space soon, so he can't take too long with it!

My mother-in-law keeps making comments about potty training and wondering why we're not potty training Ethan yet. He's currently 1) still fairly non-verbal, 2) getting his 2-year molars and 3) moving to a toddler bed, so I'm thinking this would not be a particularly good time to start potty training. She's just going to have to be patient. 

That's all from here. Sounds like I need to go put Ethan back in his bed and then fold the laundry.  Hope you're all having a good week- it's autumn here in Seattle. I made pumpkin bread yesterday and am making beef stew today to celebrate the return of the cooler weather. Loving it!

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Lizzie said...

We're having beef stew for dinner too! And my feet are freezing - it's almost time for heat. (I secretly like it.)

Karen said...

Ugh, I hate potty training pressure from other people. If he's not ready it will only prolong the process and result in a lot more frustration for you both.

Try taking the sliding rail off of Ethan's bed and let it be sort of "day bed" style for awhile. It will feel like his bed, but be different enough to start getting him ready for a big boy bed.