Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to assure yourself of having the worst night ever

Yesterday was Free Museum Day! I get so excited about this every year. For me it's one of my favorite holidays. Seriously, I kid you not, I love it SO much! (Attaching a sign that says "giant nerd" to my shirt).

So, I got up early and went to donate blood, leaving Daniel to get the kids ready. My blood donation was done quickly, because I set a new personal record for speed in bleeding.  Yes, I do everything at hyperspeed, even donating blood. 6 minutes flat.  This meant that I got home sooner than expected, but Daniel had done a remarkable job of getting the kids up and dressed- he even figured out how to get Vivian's tights on her! I'd never allowed him to dress Vivian before, as he has been known to put Ethan's clothes on him backwards, and I figure girl clothes might cause his brain to explode.

After Daniel got ready, we headed out to the Museum of Flight, which was already getting very busy, even that soon after opening. But it's a big museum, so not a problem.  We had a great time walking around and looking at planes. Ethan said hi to all of them, as he tends to do.  Vivian was in her carseat in the stroller, which did not make her happy, so I ended up carrying her while pushing the empty double stroller. Kind of defeats the purpose....

Then we headed home, with the thought that the kids would be tired out and need a nap, since WE were exhausted and needed a nap. The kids sensed our tiredness and decided that napping was not going to happen. So, eventually Daniel and I peeled ourselves off the couch, and we headed out to walk to the Pacific Science Center.

The Science Center was not part of free museum day, but we had buy-one-get-one tickets and wanted to check it out for membership. Ethan was in heaven- creepy bugs, great tot playarea, and gigantic roaring dinosaurs.  Yes, the tot dance class on Friday scared him so much that he clung to me and screamed, but gigantic roaring dinosaurs are his friend.  (Rolling my eyes). We did end up becoming members, since, as you know, I am going to have to be committed to an asylum if I spend all winter hanging out at the Children's Museum. This way I have a bit of choice in variety.

And then we came home again, sure that the kids would be worn out, since we had been so busy and they hadn't napped. We were again, informed otherwise by our kids. I think they were both so completely exhausted that they couldn't turn off their brains, and were both up for a good deal of the night.  We ended up oversleeping and missed church, so now we're having a quiet morning at home.

Vivian is such an easy baby that sometimes we forget how little she is and that her brain can only take in so much. I feel kind of bad about that!  Poor little girl. She seems okay today- as does Ethan. Daniel and I are still worn out now. Much coffee in my life this morning!

In other random news- Ethan is definitely getting in his two year molars. Fun! And we bought a toddler bed for him online last night- Vivian needs the crib, so it's time for him to move out. That should be an adventure...


Andrea said...

I hear you on the toddler bed thing. We needed our crib back too so when Megan was 3 months, and Emma was 22 I went for it. I just put the mattress on the floor in her room since I was so afraid of her rolling out even with the rails. We took all of the other furniture out for a while other than the crib. I left it in there for her to see and took the side off in case she wanted to climb into it in the middle of the night. The first night she did well, she didn't even get off of that mattress in the morning when she woke up...and she never did. One night she said she wanted her crib so we put her in it only to have her scream for the big girls bed...and that was it...she was hooked.

I hope the transition for Ethan is as smooth as ours was.

Good luck!

Mike said...

Toddler bed is always fun. I sometimes sleep in my kid's. :)

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Sheila said...

Great post! Fun and I do things at hyper speed as well.... it doesnt go away... my kids are 19 and 21 and I still race through everything I do...LOL