Friday, September 11, 2009


Anyone else with me on thinking this was a very long 4-day workweek?  Seriously, I just want Daniel to be home already!  Things have been crazy at his job- I know he has to work hard so that the company can meet its goals, but it's frustrating seeing him work SUCH long hours, and now for even less money than he used to make. 

It's been an interesting week here.  I was in a depressed mood on Tuesday, but then Liz and Lucy came over on Wednesday and hung out with us for a while. Ethan had great fun with Lucy- he ran around acting like she was chasing him and squealing at the top of his lungs. Lucy, who was just minding her own business and chasing the cat, kept looking at Ethan like he was nuts. But Ethan was worn out by all the running and squealing and went to bed early, so it was a win-win for everyone.

And I managed to get 6 whole hours of work done this week. Not a huge amount, I know, but it'll be something in my income category on our financial spreadsheet this month. And it made me feel good.  This is such a blessing from God to be able to work a little bit from home.  It's amazing just how much it's helped.

But, even though we've got a plan to make up for Daniel's salary cut, my family decided to change our vacation plans for next spring. We had planned to go on an Alaska cruise with my parents and brother and his wife, but after talking it over, we decided to instead rent a luxury cabin over on Whidbey Island. We're all actually even more excited about this idea- it has something for everyone, even me, the non-nature, non-outdoor person.  So we're all excited about that.  And it's costing us a fraction of what the cruise was going to cost, so that's nice too.

The kids are doing well- Ethan's spending lots of time running around the house and talking. We still don't know what he's saying most of the time, but he's talking up a storm. We've managed to break his pacifier addiction too, now he only uses it in bed. Which has the added benefit of making him really excited to get into bed at naptime and bedtime. Win!  Vivian is still ridiculously cute and way easy. She's growing like a weed but still rarely cries or fusses.  She just sort of hangs out and smiles and takes in the world around her. 

The in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow and we're taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island for the day.  It's another one of those things that is Daniel's great idea and I'm overwhelmed with the details of things like where to feed Vivian and working around naptime. But, I feel that I've made big progress because I didn't just shoot down his idea, just nodded and said that it sounded like fun and kept my detail-freaking-outishness well hidden. :)

Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone!



maggie said...

Hmmm. When is MAGGIE going to visit you? HMMM.

scent4u said...

You just enjoy the time. Let go of the details and go with the flow. You will be glad you did in the end. Kudos for zipping your lip. I know it is hard to keep quiet sometimes. Particularly when you know all that is involved in getting ready for a trip on the road.

**Nicole** said...

It's funny how 4 day work weeks can sometimes be the longest, maybe because you get spoiled?

LOVE that adorable dress in the pic by the way!!!