Monday, September 7, 2009

First haircut

Ethan is my son. And that is totally evident in SO many ways that are evident in both his personality and his looks.  One of these similarities is in our hair. I was a cute, but hairless little girl. Since I grew up in the days when all the cool new stay-put hairclips weren't available, my poor mom had to tape bows to my head so that people could tell I was a girl. :)

So, I wasn't really surprised when Ethan came out sans hair and remained more or less in that state until recently.  When he did grow hair, it went from fuzz to short hair to what we affectionately refered to as his curly mullet.  The top was short with long hair on the side that could be combed over the top a la Donald Trump, while the back was longer and had curls.

The mullet finally got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore, so I started researching kids' haircut places. Although we'll probably do cheapy salons or home haircuts from him from now on, I wanted the full experience for this first haircut.  Places close to us are pretty expensive for "baby's first haircut", so I thought I'd look and see if there were any more reasonable options down near my grandmother's home.  And I found one that looked good and had good reviews, so we made an appointment at Sit Still Salon in West Linn, Oregon.

Sunday after church we showed up at the salon 30 minutes early, since we weren't entirely sure where we were going or how long it would take to get there. The nice people at the salon said they wouldn't be able to fit us in early, so Daniel, Ethan, myself, Vivian and my grandmother settled ourselves in the waiting area, which was very cheery and bright and full of toys and a TV playing kids shows and books. I ran across the street to get Starbucks and when I came back Daniel was anxiously waiting for me at the front door, since they were already ready to cut Ethan's hair!

The salon has regular chairs for older kids and cars for the little ones to sit in. Every station has a TV for the kids to watch. Ethan was originally excited about the car, but when it was time for his haircut he was NOT going for it. Not the car, not the TV, not the lollipop. He started screaming immediately and clasping on to Daniel. I hung back and photographed the whole thing. I was glad we'd gone somewhere that is geared towards kids, since Ethan was not even remotely cooperative.  The stylist did a great job though, and it was all over quickly.

I thought I would cry, since this is another one of those "my baby is growing up so fast" moments that seem to keep coming faster and faster, but I got through the whole thing with just a little sniffle. The salon gave us a card with some of his curls, a photograph that they took post-haircut, and the date written on it. I love things like that. If you're a sentimental mom at all, look for a place that makes a big deal about your kid's first haircut, it just makes the whole experience more special.  Here are some pictures!


Lizzie said...

Looking good! It's sad to see those first little curls go, though!

Kathy said...

I cried AFTER my son's first haircut. Every time I looked at him he looked like such a big boy without his baby curls! We were fortunate enough to need a first haircut at the same time we went to Disney World, which was AWESOME. For $14 they cut the hair, folded the curls in a towel with Mickey Mouse gliter, gave us a certificate, lots of stickers, and a set of Mickey ears with "First Haircut" embroidered on the back!

bekki1820cb said...

My son was really good for the first 2 minutes. Then he bawled for the rest of the time. Thank goodness we have clippers at home now...he doesn't cry when I do it!!!

Dee said...

AWW! My son did great the first time but is JUST now getting where he wont SCREAM as soon as we walk in the door to get it cut!

Joannof10 said...

They seem so grown up after the first haircut--it does make me tear-up and I have gone through it 10 times!

He is a real cutie!!