Saturday, September 12, 2009

The city people ride a ferry

Okay, so about 3 weeks ago Daniel had a "great idea".  It went something like this.
Daniel: "My parents are coming down in a few weeks and we need to do something to celebrate my, my mom's and J's (new sister-in-law) birthday.  (They're all in the same week). Let's pack up our small children and take the ferry to Bainbridge Island."

We live in the city of Seattle, but it's the opposite end of the city from where the ferry terminal is, so immediately my mind began buzzing with questions. "how will we get there, how will I feed Vivian, what will we do if Mr. Toddler has one of his frequent temper tantrums?"  And so on. But, as I mentioned Friday, I kept my mouth shut and said "that sounds like a great idea. Let's do it." Or something like that.

So the weekend was coming, and we were getting ready- making plans for getting our errands run this morning and figuring out the bus/ferry schedules and so on. And we were all ready to go. Then came last night. Vivian suddenly started coughing and then she started sneezing and then she had a runny nose. But she fell asleep okay.  Ethan, however, kept waking up crying and was up until 12:30.  At which point Vivian took over, waking up and refusing to sleep flat (who can blame her, poor thing) until 7 AM. When she finally fell sound asleep in her swing. After me spending hours pleading with her to sleep in her swing. Or her bed. Or our bed. Or wherever!!! So we truly thought this morning that the curse of Daniel's parents' visits had returned (Ethan was sick for 95% of the visits that they made to us or we made to them for the first year of his life). But Vivian slept all day, and by the time the in-laws showed up, she seemed okay, so we all headed out on the bus.

And we caught the bus and were entertained by many drunk (before the game even started!) Washington State football fans on their way to the game at Qwest Field. And then we caught the ferry and sat down and all was well. And about the same second that the ferry started across the water, Vivian started sneezing and coughing and having a runny nose again.  But it was too late by then, so we continued on our journey.

We made it to Bainbridge fine and walked along the waterfront and were happy to be out of our warm condo.  We walked through downtown and looked in shops and I was spending the whole time thinking how glad I was that I could take Vivian out of the Bjorn and stop carrying her around at the end of our day and that I was no longer pregnant.

We had a nice dinner at a restaurant in the main town on Bainbridge Island. Ethan kept trying to get attention by squealing and throwing things, but we mainly ignored him and ate.  I had the most divine pizza with goat cheese and chicken and apples and blueberries. So yummy! I hope to try to recreate it at home soon.

We caught the ferry back to Seattle just fine. We did not, however catch our bus, so had 30 minutes to kill by walking around, but the Seattle waterfront is nice and the evening was gorgeous. Poor Vivian had about had enough, but she's the world's easiest baby, so her meltdown was barely noticeable.

So, all in all a good day. We're wiped out tired right now, so I should be sleeping rather than blogging, but I have priorities :) And tomorrow!!! After church!!! Daniel's parents (they're all staying in a motel tonight instead of heading back to Canada) are going to babysit the kids while we go to see Harry Potter! I get a date with my husband (our first in almost a year!) and I get to see the Harry Potter movie! Hurray!!!


Lizzie said...

It all worked out! And everyone was happy! Hurray!

ModernMom said...

I felt your pain in the beginning of this post! How is that little ones always know when we really NEED them to sleep! Glad it all worked out and you managed to get a beautiful day out of it:)

Love your blog!

LittleEsMomma said...

Your Ethan sounds like my Ethan in a restaurant!! All in all, it sounds like you had a good day!!!