Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The wedding

So, this weekend was the much-discussed wedding of my brother-in-law. The wedding had tentatively been scheduled originally for the end of May of this year, but then someone went and got pregnant and was due the first week of June. Whoops. The wedding ended up rescheduled for August, but I still wasn't sure if I could go (because I misunderstood the passport rules) or if I wanted to go with a small baby.

In the end, Daniel and I decided that Vivian and I should go with him, so we packed up the car and approximately 3000 diapers and headed to Canada on Friday. The amount of stuff that we needed to take for a family of 4 for a trip of 2 days was staggering. It took almost as long to load the car as it did to drive to my in-law's house.

We arrived Friday afternoon and ran some errands at the mall, then headed to my in-law's place. Then the insanity began almost immediately- two aunts, two uncles and one cousin of Daniel's came over to help us celebrate Ethan's birthday. He liked Canadian birthday candles exactly as much as American ones- which is not at all. Then after that fun, we headed out for a family dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant- just us and 12 other relatives. Ethan spent the entire time grabbing the hand of an adult, dragging them over to the fish tank and then, when that adult got tired of the fish tank, he'd move on to the next adult. This was repeated over and over for the entire 2.5 hours that we were there. Vivian was well-behaved, because Vivian is a ridiculously well-behaved baby.

Saturday we went to my brother-in-law's house for lunch before his wedding, then headed to the wedding itself. No nap was had by the toddler. Ethan disappeared off with some random aunt, and Vivian was sleeping in her car seat, so Daniel and I decided to risk sitting up front with his parents. BIG MISTAKE. I have a bunch of phobias, but one of them is having people staring at me in a situation that I am not choosing to be stared at. So I was not happy when Vivian started crying about 10 minutes into the wedding and we had to make a run for it from the second row. I fed her and then handed her off to the same aunt that had been hanging out with Ethan, then spent the rest of the wedding chasing Ethan around. What I did see of the wedding was really nice- the bride was GORGEOUS and the church looked great.

We decided that it was in our best interest to pack up the kids and drive around for a while between the wedding and the banquet. Ethan finally got a few minutes of sleep before the banquet, which was great. The banquet was your typical Chinese wedding banquet. We were seated with some friends of ours, who have a 13 year old and a 10 year old. The 13 year old happily held Vivian while she slept and the 10 year old entertained Ethan for the entire 3 hour banquet. I would like to sponsor her immigration to the US! I need her to come help me with the kids!

It was a good weekend- the wedding went well, we had a good time with family and friends, and all was a success.

Highlights of the weekend
*The wedding ceremony was in Chinese, so I had no idea what was going on during the limited time I was in the room for the wedding. However, after the wedding, I found that they had printed English translations of the wedding sermon that Daniel's uncle had given. There was one part that made me laugh outloud. Uncle started out by talking about how they'd all given up hope of my brother-in-law ever getting married. He discussed how my mother-in-law had tried to find a wife for my brother-in-law and had failed. Then he said something like this "then, that man had a younger brother who got married in 2006 and produced two offspring, which motivated him to find a wife and get married." So, it's because of us and our kids that my brother-in-law wanted to get married! But, could you imagine having your uncle discussing your mother's failures to find a wife for you DURING your wedding ceremony?

*I did have to yell at my brother-in-law once. He's almost 45 and lived at home until... Saturday morning. His new wife is about the same age and lived at home until... Saturday morning. So, Saturday night, after the banquet, he stopped by my in-laws to pick up some towels and toiletries. And, as he left, he said "okay, we'll see you guys tomorrow morning for breakfast." I about had a fit. I yelled at him and informed him that he could NOT come over for breakfast at his parents house the morning after his wedding. I said that I did not care if there was no food in his house, that there were restaurants and stores and he did not need to be at his parents under any circumstances. My brother-in-law is fairly terrified of me, and they did not show up the next day :)


Lindsay said...

Haha, that is a great recap and will be a sweet memento years from now if you ever reminisce about their wedding. Cute family pic too!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

sounds like you had fun! love the family pic of you guys! :)

maggie said...

Ooh, did she wear a red dress? I've never been to a REAL Chinese wedding, just the fancy Western ones of the daughters of P's parents' friends. Well, I guess I went to my own banquet, but there was no red dress. I should have done the red dress!!!

SUPER CUTE picture. You guys are precious.

Lizzie said...

I love the sermon. I would have died of embarrassment, but then again, I don't have that Chinese "Say Things Exactly As They Are With No Sugar Coating" gene.

The dress you picked out looks great on you - and your family is just gorgeous. I'm so glad it was a good weekend! Family is ALWAYS good for loving on your kids and letting you have a break!

A said...

That is hilarious about the sermon, and even more hilarious about the "see you tomorrow." I'm glad you stepped in an offered your voice of sanity!