Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show us your wedding reception/honeymoon

Yes, we're still alive here. It's been a gloriously cool and overcast week in Seattle, and I haven't really done much of anything except laundry and keeping my kids fed. That seems to take up most of my time- I'm usually either nursing Vivian or chasing Ethan around and trying to convince him that chewing food is not bad and then when that fails, serving him a nice concoction of milk, cream and Carnation instant breakfast. Which, thankfully, he likes.

So, this week over at Kelly's blog, it's time to remember wedding receptions and honeymoons. I'm always happy to think about the good old days when I was 35 pounds thinner and occasionally combed my hair, so here you are!

Our wedding reception was mid-afternoon, so was pretty low-key. Mostly just eating some heavy hors d'ouevres and mingling, taking lots of pictures with our friends and enjoying spending time with them. We didn't get a chance to eat at all, but thankfully the caterer sent a giant container of food to our hotel with us!

Okay, so that was our reception here in Seattle. Everything went perfectly to that point. Here's where the interesting part of the story starts. Daniel and I said goodbye to our friends and family and headed to the fancy downtown hotel where we were going to be spending our wedding night. About two hours after we got there, my cell phone rings. It's the best man and the other groomsman.

Now, the two guys were supposed to return their tuxes, go back to our condo (where they had spent the night before), feed our cat and then head up to Canada, since we had a Chinese reception scheduled for the next day up there. Yeah, because one wedding isn't exhausting enough.

Instead, they had headed out to return their tuxes and, while driving through downtown Seattle, had had the front of their car RUN OVER by someone who ran a red light coming down one of Seattle's very steep hills. If the person had hit a foot further down the car, both guys would have been dead. It was that kind of wreck.

They were fine though, just shaken up. The guy who did not own the car ran the tuxes the few blocks over to return them (gotta love that kind of dedication). Then they, both being from out of town, called my parents to tell them what was going on. And my parents said "do not call Carrie and Daniel, just go back and stay at the condo and we will take you to Canada tomorrow." The guys then called my best friend, who said exactly the same thing. The guys talked it over and decided that, while those were good ideas the best plan was to SHOW UP AT OUR HOTEL. On our wedding night. Even though they KNEW that we had not slept together before and therefore were greatly anticipating our wedding night and were probably busy and not wanting visitors.

They are alive to this day only because we were eating dinner at the time they arrived and were not otherwise occupied. So, they showed up and we patted them on the shoulder and said that we were glad they were okay and told them "go back to our condo and stay there and we'll take you to Canada tomorrow." (Sound familiar?) So they turned around and headed to our condo (also in downtown Seattle, so they could get there even with a wrecked car). We still harass them about this whole incident. One of the guys apologizes to me every time he sees me. It's kind of funny.

And the next morning we went back to our condo and woke the guys up and while they got dressed and ready for the trip, Daniel and I opened our wedding presents in the storage locker. :)

The Vancouver reception is kind of a blur. I just remember being very very tired and my family laughing at my sad attempts to smile for the thousands of pictures that were taken. We posed with everyone there, at least twice. And for the family pictures, the photographer took two of each pose on his camera and then my father-in-law had the photographer take two more of each pose with HIS camera. I look a little psychotic in most of our pictures. But it was good to be able to celebrate with all of the miscellaneous relatives and friends that we didn't have space for at the Seattle wedding, so it was a good event.

Then we headed out for our honeymoon in Cancun. Ah, bliss.


Todd and Courtney said...

I love the fact that you sang to your husband! So sweet!

Andrea said...

I'm here by way of Kelly-
I love that you sang to your husband too! My husband and I are both singers. I actually teach voice, and I knew I couldn't get through a song to no one sang at our wedding...:(

You and I have a lot in common as far as Mommyhood goes. I have a daughter that will be 2 on the 16th and a 4 month old...I am currently attempting the start of potty training while nursing the little one...I feel like a circus clown juggling act most days...:-)

Ashley said...

That's SO cute that you sang to your husband! And your cake was gorgeous and so were you!!!
I love this cool weather we've been having lately! Heavenly!!!