Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not using my time wisely

The kids have started messing with my mind a little. I'm starting to think it's deliberate. So, every other day or every third day, Ethan will either not nap at all, or will only nap for about an hour. Then, on the other days, he will nap for 3 hours. BUT, he will make waking up noises every 15 minutes or so. So I keep thinking it's a short-nap day, and am scared to start any large projects or get into anything that I can't wrap up quickly. I spend my afternoons doing one quick thing, like unloading the dishwasher, then running to his room to see if he's still asleep. Then off for one more quick thing. Then, with all the small things done, I just sit and wonder if I really have time to work on my photo albums or do our monthly financial spreadsheet. It's very confusing.

I should be packing for our big trip to Canada. On our normal trips to Canada we take so much stuff that it looks like we're staging a small invasion of British Columbia. Piles of stuff. And that was back when we just had one kid. And when we were just going up for a normal visit. This time we have two kids and we're going up for Daniel's brother's wedding, which means formal clothes and lots of extra backup clothes for Miss Vivian for every event, given her proclivity for spitting up as soon as she is dressed in a fancy outfit.

But I'm kind of scared of knowing just how big our pile of stuff is going to be for this trip. So I'm ignoring the whole thing for now.

Updates from yesterday. Thank you so much to those who left nice comments or emailed or called. HUGE internet hugs to you. You save me thousands in therapy bills and save my beloved from having to hear every single little detail of my angst (he still hears plenty, but you help cut it down).

Daniel called the elevator company in the morning, and they were coming out sometime this week for the monthly inspection anyway, so they said we wouldn't have to pay a service charge for their visit. Hurray! They actually showed up last night and saved the keys from wherever they were. Our car key was a little mangled, but the elevator guy found all but one of the parts and Daniel was able to reassemble it.

And I'm trying to pay as much attention to the cat as I can, and keep up on spraying the pheromone spray, which is supposed to calm her.

The only thing that didn't work out well yesterday is my whole tooth situation. I went to the dentist in the morning, then Daniel was nice enough to rearrange some meetings so that I could go to the endontist in the afternoon. Who looked at the x-rays and sent me down the hall to make an appointment with the oral surgeon. Apparently the root split? or something and it's infected and beyond hope and the tooth has to come out and an implant will need to be put in. Can you hear the dollars flying out of our wallet? I've had this procedure once before, so that part of it isn't a big deal, it's just no fun to think of all the appointments and money spending in our near future. BUT, it must be done. And the antibiotics and pain killers are working, so at least I'm not in pain right now. That's a very good thing for everyone!

Okay, I'm going to try to get one more task done before the munchkins awake. Wish me luck.


Janie Out of Debt said...

I completely agree with the comment that you left on Purple Book Blogging Mommy because those little things do add up. That is how I got into so much debt. Buying all those little things. Good luck with your budgeting.

Andrea said...

YIKES on the tooth. I had to have my first root canal last summer, they say you lose a tooth for every baby you have (a wives tale I believe) and I have an apt next week so I hope not...

We actually had to get rid of one of our cats who was running up and biting my daughter for no apparent reason. The other cat was/is sweet to our daughter, but started sharpening her claws on our leather couch....needless to say we had her declawed, which is sad, but was necessary. Too bad you can't "de-pee" a

That same cat now with no claws did pee twice in my dining room after baby #2 was born...I shipped her out and the people brought her back and she has been an angel ever since...

Scout's Honor said...

Ouch...root split? Infection? implant? Yipes! I need to get to the dentist asap. Good luck.