Sunday, August 23, 2009

No deep thoughts tonight

No deep thoughts or introspection from me tonight. We had a good weekend here- and as usual it went WAY too fast! I just need to figure out a way to have money and also keep Daniel home with me all the time. Everyone's dream, I know!

We hit Target and IKEA this weekend, as well as Toys R Us. We're shopping for a toddler bed for Ethan- not so much because he's ready to move up, but because Vivian's sleeping in a bassinet and she's growing at a ridiculously fast rate, so she's going to need to move into the crib soon. The kids are going to be sharing Ethan's room, which was already pretty full, but we've rearranged toys and squished things together and think that we have the space for a toddler bed. It's definitely getting pretty crowded in our condo though.

On the crowded front- still no luck with selling our other place to free up money to move. I'm disappointed but not too worried. I believe there's a reason for everything, and God has a reason for keeping us here. Hopefully we'll understand the reason soon, or things will change so that we can move.

So that's all from here. Nothing too exciting. Just getting ready for another week. I'm having dental surgery (under IV sedation and everything) on Friday, so the week is a little shorter than usual. I hope I'll be able to cram all of my usual doing nothing into only 4 days :) Have a wonderful week, everyone.


maggie said...

Did you find a bed? I can't decide. I go back and forth. I was anti-Ikea cribs/beds, but then MIL bought one for Molly at their house AND I LOVE IT. I love it more than both the [much nicer/more expensive] cribs in our house. What does this say about me? Anyway, do tell about the bed!

Karen said...

We bought our toddler bed at WalMart. It was pretty cheap, $50 or something. Not too bad for an actual solid wood bed.

Can Vivian sleep in the pack-n-play?

Lizzie said...

Let me know if you need help before/after/recovering from the surgery and Daniel can't be there. Lucy and I can come entertain Ethan and/or Vivi for a while while you rest.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, what are you having done?

I have a couple of questions about your implants if you don't mind.

My dentist's main concern is that this is a top/front tooth so how it looks is VERY important and I consistently battle inflammed/sensitive gums in that area (for no real reason). Anyways, he is worried that I am not a good candidate for an implant. Thoughts? Of course, the oral surgeon might have a diff opinion.

Was wearing the "flipper" as horrible as it sounds?

Thanks and good luck with your stuff this week :)