Sunday, August 30, 2009

City folk go to the fair!

We had no plans for Saturday, which pretty much the surest way to drive me slowly insane. Because no plans means sticking around the house and doing laundry, which is pretty much my weekday life, so not my favorite thing to do.  My poor husband does like to relax, so I tried to not twitch too much while we hung around and "relaxed".  Fortunately for me, Daniel got an email from a friend mentioning that they were going to the fair, which he thought sounded like a fun idea. So we quickly threw the kids and the stroller in the car and drove out to the fairgrounds. The fair was a great choice for a Saturday activity- lots to see but not too insanely packed.

Since we live in the city, our kids have no exposure to animals of any type, so we started out by visiting the cows. Ethan loved the cows and excitedly jumped up and down in his stroller seat saying "moo!" The sheep were also a big hit, but he was fairly bored by the chickens and rabbits.  We visited the dogs and goats and ducks and all the crafts and baked goods, marvelling at all the talents that people have.


And, of course, we participated in the most important part of going to a fair- fair food!  Normally I don't eat dairy, since it seems to upset Vivian's stomach, but this weekend I'm feeding her frozen milk to avoid exposing her to the painkillers I'm taking for my tooth... so... MILKSHAKE! The butterscotch milkshake that I got was divine. HUGE and divine. Probably 30,000 calories and worth every single bite.  Daniel ordered the specialty of the fair, a purple cow, which consists of blackberry syrup, ice cream and soda.  And he ended up getting it free since every 13th purple cow is free. Score!

So, Seattle people, go check out the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. A good time will be had by all! And, cost-saving tip, buy your tickets at Bartell's and get adult tickets for only $7.50 (it's $10 at the gate).  Entertainment coupon books also have discounts in there.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

how fun!! love the chicken/vivian picture! :)

Felicia said...

What a blast!

maggie said...

But dude, the PUYALLUP is where it's AT! (That's some, ah, pride in my humble beginnings, right there.)

Chelsea said...

I love the picture of her hair and the chickens!

Sara and Alex said...

I love a good fair. I wish we were going to be in town to make it! Maybe next year though.

Ashley said...

I didn't get to go because it rained the day we had planned! But it looks super fun, I love fairs! That's awesome that Vivian will sleep in her front carrier, Natalie just cries when I put her in ours.

We plan on hitting up the Puyallup fair this month, hopefully the weather will let us!