Monday, August 31, 2009

And I claim not to know where my son got his stubbornness from

Daniel and I had an amusing conversation last night. Background: Daniel weighs 122 pounds and has no body fat, so is almost always cold. I weigh... a lot more than that and am always warm. 

The scene- our bedroom. The window is open, the ceiling fan is on and the fan next to the window is also on. Daniel is trying to stay warm, huddling under piles of blankets while I'm complaining about being hot on the other side of the bed.

Him: We should switch sides of the bed. You could be closer to the fan.
Me: No, that's not my side of the bed.
Him: But you don't need to be close to the bathroom anymore, since you're not pregnant and no longer get up all night to go to the bathroom.
Me: I don't care, that's not my side of the bed.
Him: Over here you'd be closer to Vivian and you wouldn't have to get up and walk around the bed to get her in the middle of the night.
Me: But then I'd be sleeping on not-my-side of the bed. And my alarm clock is on my nightstand.
Him: Your alarm clock is tiny and battery-powered and you can move it.
Me: (eyeing him suspiciously). You're not getting my side of the bed. I'm not moving.
Daniel's head explodes from trying to rationalize with me...

It's currently mid-afternoon here and I'm trying to convince Ethan to take a nap already so that we can be done with his nap and can go for a walk. It's going about as well as my conversation with Daniel went last night.  Vivian is sitting in her swing staring at herself in the mirror and smiling. She's a very smiley, happy baby and quite likes the mirror baby.  It's just too cute!

On another utterly random note, do you know the main problem with watching Canadian TV in the US? The food commercials? I'm seeing all these commercials for food and candy that look so yummy, but that we can't get here. I need to make a list for my next trip up there in December.


Lindsay said...

The worst bit about watching US tv in Canada is seeing the vehicle prices and then crying tears of sorrow that they are like SO MUCH MORE here for whatever reason.

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

I am with you Carr-my side of the bed is MY side of the bed...PERIOD!

Jen said...

I have the opposite problem - I'm Canadian and I want food from the US.

Want to trade care packages?

Jen in Canada (a long-time lurker)