Saturday, August 1, 2009

All about Ethan

I've been so caught up in angst lately- "oh, the heat" and "oh, the stress of suddenly being a stay-at-home-mom of two tiny people" and "what does my life mean" that I've not blogged much about the kids lately. Seriously, they are the cutest kids on the planet- how can I not write about them?

So, Ethan. Can you believe he's going to be two in 9 days? TWO. TWO!!! I am going to be the mom of a two year old! Shouldn't that imply that I'm like a grown-up or something? And Vivian is two-months old now!! Two months ago I was lying in my hospital bed, staring at my very-Chinese-looking baby, wondering if someone was going to bring me some drugs that didn't make me sick.

Anyway- Ethan's particularly interesting these days. We've managed to convince him that he doesn't need the paci ALL the time, so I get several hours per day in which I don't have to try to understand toddler-speak with the additional impairment of the paci. Most of Ethan's requests are still "water" or "car". What more does one want in life, apparently!

He spends most of his days refusing to eat, begging for Clifford DVDs, and randomly running around the condo. And he loves living in the city- he also spends lots of time looking out the window and talking to all the trucks and doggies and people going by.

Most randomly, Ethan is a big fan of outsourcing his activity time. He will walk to the closet, ask for his crayons, then walk to his chair to sit down. Then he will refuse to color, and will demand a parental presence. When one of us shows up, he will hand us a crayon and point to a place on the page where we should color. After a while he will hand us another crayon for coloring in a different location. He does the same thing with the magnadoodle. Why color for yourself when you can get a parent to do it for you?

Ethan has done an amazing job of adjusting to being a big brother. First thing every morning, he asks where the baby is and then goes and says "hi baby!" to her. He's not a big fan of the hugs and kisses, but he does make sure that his stuffed animals give Vivian a kiss every day. And you just can't find a cuter smile anywhere.

I knew my life was going to change forever when Ethan was born, but I could not have imagined all the the joy and fun that this little boy would bring to my life.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

you do have very cute babies! :) Ethan is so sweet in the car picture!

Lizzie said...

Outsourcing activity time! HA! I had to read that part aloud to Adam. Ethan's awesome.