Thursday, July 30, 2009

So, someone finally asked

We woke up to 72 degree weather outside this morning- and since it was still well over 80 inside, I made the split second decision to pack the kids up in the stroller and book it over to the Children's Museum before it got too hot to walk over there.

When we got to the museum, it was already fairly insane. Actually, that's an understatement. It was REALLY insane. But whatever, it was air-conditioned insanity. So I put Vivian in her pretty Hotsling (that was fun- there's nothing like strapping a little space heater to your chest when you're already sweaty) and let Ethan run off to play.

Since Vivian's been born, when I'm out alone with the kids, I've been getting a fairly standard look from people. They look at me and Vivian, then they look down at Ethan, then they look back at Vivian and I. And you can see the gears turning in their heads as they try to figure out if Ethan looks Asian and if there's any way I can be Vivian's biological mother. I really feel like Daniel should be forced to always be with us in public, just to spare people from having to try to figure it out.

Today I was standing in one corner of a room with Vivian while Ethan played nearby. When, all of a sudden, this very sweet British grandmother came up to me and said "where did you get your baby?" Since I am well aware that my child does not resemble me in any way, I was in no way offended by the question and told her "She's actually my biological child, her daddy is Chinese and she just looks more like him." Then the lady smiled and said that Vivian was a pretty baby and we went our separate ways.

People who know me well accuse me of doing this on purpose. I am a person who loves to plan and organize and, honestly, who generally gets her way with things. So the fact that I managed to have not only one kid of each gender, but pretty much one of each race... well, let's just say people are impressed by my efficiency :)

Off to drink water and Gatorade and wait to see what fun weather record we break today. Forecast of 88 for tomorrow. Never thought I'd be thinking that was nice and cool!


Wendy said...

Ah the madhouse of the Children's Museum! I was just thinking I should go to the NYC one (so my little one could have fun in the outdoor water terrace. But I was totally daunted by the crowds. You're a brave woman!

maggie said...

Have to say- glad I skipped the museum.

I keep waiting for that question too, but then I wonder if the one white child and one Chinese child distinction is visible only to me. The Chinese relatives have commented on it, but lately more people are saying they look alike. So confusing.

Ashley said...

I need to go to that Children's museum and meet you there one of these days! I've still never been! Sounds like a great way to beat the heat!