Sunday, July 26, 2009

Since I talked about it on Twitter and Facebook

Today I gave in and joined Twitter. Mostly to follow Mckmama. Now I'm hooked. Unfortunately, I started out my first day on Twitter by discussing how the people across the street were coping with the heat. By sitting around their kitchen. In the nude. Pictures were demanded by friends on twitter. My husband said that I should not take pictures. I did. Join Twitter and follow me to see them. (edited- I took it down this morning. Even though it was VERY fuzzy and hard to see anything and impossible to identify anyone. I still felt guilty) :)

It was only 80 something today. I'm seeing reports of 97 degrees forecast for Wednesday. I'm not sure we can handle that here in Seattle. I'm scared for us.


Amy said...

OMG LOL at your neighbors!! What's your user name on Twitter? Follow me @oduamy !!

Angela said...

Haha! Saturday I twittered about the drama going on outside my house with police and a couple of the neighbors. I took pictures, but I haven't posted them! Thanks for stopping by my blog for my ATWT post, have a great day!

P.S. - If you get a chance today, can you stop by and comment on my Top 10 post? I would really appreciate it, and it will enter you for a chance to win a great prize!

Ashley said...

I still haven't joined Twitter! Maybe someday I will. Yeah, it's ALREADY too hot today and I'm completely scared for the rest of this week! I just want to find a freaking POOL and dive in!