Saturday, July 11, 2009

More evidence that my brain is completely gone

It's Saturday again- hurray! Another running errands day, not an exciting fun-filled day. But it makes me awfully happy to get things checked off the to-do list, so I'll take it. We dragged the kids out this morning and got things done like trips to two different banks, stopping by the drugstore and applying for Vivian's passport. Then I dropped the rest of the family off and made solitary trips to the library and the post office. (There is a point to this long list). So, by the time I made it to my final stop, the hair cutting place (I hesitate to call the budget places that I frequent "salons"), I had been to multiple places around the city and had been seen by lots and lots of people. And only when the hairstylist began to wash my hair and I started to reflect back on my busy morning did it occur to me...I never put on any makeup this morning. Not a bit of it. Which is scary and horrifying on its own. But the really awful thing is that I distinctly remember getting off the couch after feeding Vivian, passing her off to Daniel, and walking into the bathroom to put my makeup on and finish getting ready. And I have NO IDEA what I actually ended up doing instead. But it wasn't putting on makeup.

I lived in the South for 10 years of my life and in Ukraine for a year. Women in both of those places would weep with horror at the thought of leaving home without makeup on. I feel like I have betrayed them.

Sigh. I want my brain back.

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Had a few hours to blog hop..Fun

I love making new blog friends. Hope you will stop by for a visit.