Friday, July 17, 2009

Little blessings

I never cease to be amazed at God's love for me, and His unfailing provision and patience with me. As with a lot of other things in my life, I have a fairly easy time trusting Him for the big things, knowing that He will work out His will and that His best for my life will be done.

But there are also days where He blesses me in the little things- sending answers to small prayers, encouragements that I need to stop and refocus and smile again.

Yesterday was discouraging and tiring and rough. I did end up going to the grocery store and getting chocolate, and that helped. And I made it through until Daniel got home at 7:30 and all of us were still alive and functional. The kitchen looked like this when he got home, poor guy. But I told him to ignore it and I cleaned it up later.

Then I read Liz's post about yesterday, and it made me smile, as her posts often do. And I was reminded about the wonderful women that I've met, both online and in real-life through blogging, and I felt blessed.

And then Vivian slept through the night. And I felt REALLY blessed.

And then Ethan woke up in a good mood and has spent the morning happily playing on his own, while doing a minimum of destructive activities. And when he smeared his breakfast into his hair, it was just at the front, so made less of a mess than usual.

And then the UPS man arrived with a package, and it was a prize for a giveaway that I won 2 months ago that I had totally given up on.

And Ethan brought me a book to read him this morning, and it was "When I grow up", and I was reminded again to stop worrying about the cleanliness of my house or whether I get everything checked off my to-do list and enjoy these quickly-passing years.

Nothing big today either- just like the things sending me over the edge yesterday weren't big problems. Small blessings, but blessings just the same.


Lizzie said...

That's IT! When God gives us the grace to have patience to let our children BE children everything slides back into place.

Ashley said...

Aren't babies who sleep through the night such wonderful blessings?? I love it every time she does it!

Amy Webb said...

Thanks for an encouraging post. It sure helps me keep things in perspective as I'm at home with a 1 month old. I really appreciate your posts and your honesty about how challenging some days can be. I'm right there with you :)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I am so glad she slept through the night! And that mess is so funny. I am sure it wasn't to clean up but it is funny! :)