Monday, July 13, 2009


Today was my 6-week-postpartum checkup. I left the kids with Daniel and headed over to the OB's office. 6 weeks to the minute after we had made the same drive on our way to have Vivian. It was really strange and oddly emotional.

Emotional because today's appointment marked the end of my association with OBs forever. The very final chapter in my child-bearing journey. Which, incidentally, I admit hated pretty much every minute of. But still, it's so strange to be done with pregnancy and childbirth and all that forever. You spend so much time in life thinking about having a family and talking about it and dreaming about it and planning for it. And now my kids are here, and, barring some sort of freak post-sterilization incident, our family is complete. Our little four-person unit. I'm never going to be the pregnant person waddling down the street again, I'm never going to have to wait in the OB's waiting room for another appointment, I'm never going to be counting down the days on the calendar until a baby's arrival and wondering about that child. Done.

After the appointment I had to stop by the grocery store and was wandering around, dragging out my kid-free time. Still feeling a little teary and emotional. Then I walked past the bakery clearance rack and saw this cake.

Seriously, you're all better people than I am if you could walk past such an adorable, cheery cake on a day that you were feeling down and not buy it. Cake is ALWAYS the answer to life's problems. Especially happy, cute cake with bees and flowers on it.

And a picture of my baby to send you on your way. She still has very entertaining hair. :)


Mommyto3andahusky said...

Love the hair! :) Ooooooohhhh now I want cake!

Lizzie said...

Mmmmm cake. I swear Vivi is even bigger in that pic than last Thurs! The girl must grow before your eyes.

Pam said...

Great post - It is a weird feeling isn't it? Even though you know you never want to be pregnant again, there's still that feeling of "I can't believe I'm done having kids". Mothering - it gets you every time. But cake, now that is definitely the answer to all that life throws at you:)

maggie said...

Mmm cake. CUTE cake.

And that's the official Chinese Baby Girl Hair!

Lyryn said...

That cake is awesome! Stumbled across you blog and found it very interesting. Blessings!