Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear God

Dear God,

As you know- I'm a fairly trusting person, and I usually believe you when you say that you have a purpose and a plan for things. But I've got to say that I'm not so much with you this week. Seriously, 97 degrees in Seattle? With a forecast in the triple digits for the next several days? What is the possible purpose and reason for this? And, as you know, I am a 5th generation Northwesterner. The capacity for coping with weather that leaves the 60-80 degree range no longer exists in my genes. I just do not cope.

Please, spare my poor husband and the three readers of this blog from having to hear me complain any longer. Give us a break here.



I packed up the small people and my best friend this morning and drove 20 miles out of Seattle to the local outlet mall to shop for a dress for my brother-in-law's wedding. It was already really hot by 10 AM, so we hurriedly got the kids out of the car and into the stroller and dashed into the closest store. Where Ethan threw a fit and scattered peanut butter crackers and dried blueberries all over the floor. Then in the next store Vivian woke up and started fussing. By the time we got to the third store (20 whole minutes after we started shopping in the first store), Ethan was crying for crackers (there were no more) and Vivian was fussing loudly. I turned around, left the store, put the kids back in the store and headed home. Shopping will have to be done another day.

Then we went to my friend's place so that Ethan could swim in her pool. Vivian and I sat by the side and watched until I reached unbearable warmness, then we packed up and headed back to our condo. Which didn't feel so bad for once, since it's only in the mid-upper 80s in here and is in the upper 90s outside. It's all about perspective :)

We can do this... it's all about survival. Staying as close to the fans and portable AC as we can. Just letting Ethan watch DVDs and trying to not move any more than possible. Stay tuned for further warm updates.


Lindsay said...

You absolutely can do this. I hope the shopping goes better next time...you've got so many variables to hope go right with regular shopping, throw in a couple kids and I'm sure it's infinitely more challenging. Good luck!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

If I lived closer or vice versa you could totally come over!!! :( Hope it cools down out there!!

Bananas said...

I KNOW!!!! I found myself LINGERING at the grocery store yesterday. This weather is not. right.

Mama Bee said...

I'm convinced that everyone is driving approximately 10 miles below the speed limit to spend more time in their air conditioned cars, too.

This weather sucks monkey balls. Where is 70 and partly cloudy?!

Jessica and Michael said...

I saw that you entered the contest for one of my frames! Good luck :) I really like your blog!