Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At least we're miserable in a record-setting fashion

In case any of you out of towners have been fortunate enough to escape my constant whining today on WW, Facebook, or Twitter... it was HOT in Seattle. 103 degrees at the airport, apparently. Hottest day ever in the history of the city.

And we felt it. Thank God that Daniel bought our big bulky portable a/c unit three years ago. I've been hating the thing since then, because it takes up a lot of our limited space. But without it I would have had to pack up the kids and drive somewhere cooler. Like Miami or Phoenix.

We had a rough day today. Ethan's still teething and so is utterly unpleasant to be around. He doesn't like to eat under the best of circumstances and is definitely not up for it when he has teeth coming through. Unfortunately, he also gets a bit cranky when his blood sugar is low. Today was kind of comical in some ways. If I had the audacity to suggest anything to him, especially offensive things, like offering to get him a snack or read him a book, he would just repeat the word back in his toddler speak and then scream "no" and dissolve into tears. I must learn to stop suggesting things.

We did finally try to go to a friend's house so Ethan could play in the wading pool. I thought it would be okay in the shade for Vivian and I, but I have no concept of how truly hot 103 degrees is. So we ended up hiding in my friend's house while Ethan cried in the wading pool, since being forced to play in a wading pool when it's 103 degrees outside is also apparently torture to an almost 2-year-old.

After that the evening continued on in a similar fashion, with a failed attempt to eat dinner in an air-conditioned restaurant. I did escape to QFC where I slowly walked up and down every aisle. Air conditioning AND 30 minutes sans kids? Heaven.

Now we're bedded down as close to the a/c as we can get. Picture posted below. The cool air reaches about to where Ethan is in the pack n play. Not to where I'm at at the table, one foot further away, so I need to wrap this up and get back to the cooler zone.

Those of you in Seattle and other hot places, stay safe!

No, Vivian's not under a mosquito net. It's a cat tent.

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Ashley said...

I know, it's AWFUL! I have been a non-stop complainer all week, and I did a blog post about it too. You are lucky you have a portable AC unit! We have thought about getting one but haven't yet. BAD decision. :)