Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patron sainthood

**Disclaimer- I am not Catholic, so know little about patron saints and things like that. This info was a result of my googling Vivian's name one day a few weeks ago. All info here from Wikipedia.**

So, I will post the birth story soon- I need to get it all written out before I forget. Hopefully I'll get to it soon, but things are (as you can imagine) a little busy around here. Vivian is sweet, but way fussier than Ethan was as a newborn, so Daniel and I are a little overwhelmed trying to figure that out. So far Ethan's handling all the screaming pretty well- I'm impressed.

Anyway, I promised to give you the list of things that Saint Vivian (also known as Saint Bibiana) is the patron saint of. Here goes: epilepsy, epileptics, hangovers, headaches, insanity, mental illness, mentally ill people, single laywomen, torture victims, cross dressers. Now you can see why Daniel didn't react very well when I gave him this info! :)

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Lizzie said...

Cross dressers! HAH! I didn't know Catholics would make a patron saint for them.