Saturday, June 6, 2009

How quickly we forget

You know what's amazing? We just had our first child ~22 months ago. Which is like no time at all. Yet we remember almost NOTHING about what to do with a newborn. It's like my brain is a book and a whole chapter was just ripped out. We're definitely more comfortable with a tiny little baby this time, but we still spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at each other in confusion and saying "what on earth do we do now?". The other amazing thing is that, in the space of a week, Ethan went from being what we considered a fairly high-maintenance toddler to being SO easy to deal with. He can walk on his own! And tell us what he needs (some of the time)! And when we put him to bed at 7:30, he stays there for 12 hours and doesn't cry or wake up randomly!

It's all about perspective :)

I'm downing my first cup of coffee of the morning. More will follow soon. I'm so thankful that God gave us caffeine. Thanks to coffee I only fall asleep about half of the times that I sit down somewhere.

We took Vivi in for her first doctor's appointment yesterday. Her weight has dropped a bit more, but nothing to be overly concerned about. However, her borderline jaundice seems to be getting worse (we've reached the yellow eyeball stage) and she was dehydrated a little, so we're back to feeding every 2 hours. Since Vivian sleeps ALL day and will not wake up to eat, feeding her every two hours consists of 1) me trying to breastfeed her for a while, 2) me giving up on that and going to pump and 3) Daniel spending 45 minutes sitting on the couch trying to keep her awake long enough to drink a couple of ounces of milk or formula. Repeat process every 2 hours. So this is producing some pretty tired parents. Hopefully she'll start eating better soon and we will all be able to get some rest. I'm too old for this!

Lots of visitors on the schedule for this weekend, then my parents arrive Monday. So busy, busy for us! I'll blog more later, if I can get my brain functional enough to be interesting.

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