Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The days are long, but the years are short

I've had several people recite that saying to me lately "the days are long, but the years are short." I'm already seeing the truth in that. It's so hard to believe that Ethan is not my tiny baby anymore- that he's almost two years old and I have a new tiny baby. And she is practically growing before my eyes. As of last Friday, she'd grown 2.5 inches in height and gained 6 ounces since birth.

I hope you all still like me, even though I haven't been blogging much. Truthfully, I'm a little off kilter lately and kind of grouchy. Today is day 2 of being home alone with the kids- my parents left Sunday night. I had a hard time not begging them to stay. Yesterday went okay, but Ethan is in this horrible whiny stage, and Vivian is a baby, so they're not the world's best conversationalists. Cute and sweet and funny, yes, but fairly boring. So that makes the days long and kind of lonely. Daniel's been insanely busy at work- too busy to call all day, then coming home and working until midnight most nights. So he's kind of out of the picture for entertaining me at the moment. Hopefully we'll be able to get out and about by next week, and start developing a new routine/activities, and that should help a lot.

Apparently there's something in the air today, because both Maggie and Lindsay were blogging today about purpose in life. I can so relate. I was telling Daniel that this time is particularly challenging for me because I'm not sure what's next in terms of life goals and things to hope/wait for. I spent most of my life focusing on things like school and career, while hoping for a family someday. Then I met Daniel and was waiting for engagement, then planning the wedding, then quickly trying to have a baby, then waiting for Ethan, then planning for the next baby, then waiting for Vivian... and now I have the degree and the career (if I want it) and the husband and the two kids and two cats and own a home... PLEASE don't think I'm complaining- I know I am so unbelievably blessed and have so many things that are incredibly wonderful. And I appreciate those things. But I'm a very goal-oriented, to-do list making, planning type of person, and now there's none of that in my life. So I need to work on figuring out what's next for me and where God's leading me. Fortunately for me, the church summer bible study is a Beth Moore study about being a woman, and I think it'll really help me as I try to readjust my perspective on my life.

In other news, I made the horrible realization last night that Vivian's stomach seems to get upset whenever I eat something with a lot of dairy in it. Like ice cream. So I'm going to need to give that up for a while. Talk about life not having any meaning in it! I have two containers of yummy ice cream in my freezer- if you're in the area, please come visit me and eat my ice cream! I need to have it gone!


Lizzie said...

I find that I flounder without a to-do list too. I have to remember that my goal is to be a good teacher to Lucy (and perhaps her future sisters) before I throw myself back into working... Maybe your next goal could be getting the kids into school. That should keep you busy for a couple years! :D

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Talk about finding purpose! Sending both your boys to their first apartments....now that hurts-what do I do now???

Lindsay said...

Lordie, the way I have been going I will mos def come eat your ice cream :) All the best as you adjust and way to go Vivian on the growing!

A said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've been surreptitiously reading along with you as well. The "purpose" question is one I struggle with, too, despite not having even got to baby #1 yet. I think it's a good struggle to have.