Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birth story

Umm, so part of the great thing about being done with pregnancy at the end of May/beginning of June was supposed to be the avoidance of pregnancy during any random heatwaves we might have in summer in Seattle. Because summer doesn't start here until mid- July, and it's rarely hot before that. So, of course, we're having record-breaking heat here. It's insanely hot inside and out. Daniel and Ethan have gone to the Seattle Center to play in the air conditioned Children's Museum and possibly in the International Fountain as well. Somewhere cool, at least.

Vivian and I are hanging out in the living room, trying to stay close to the portable a/c. It's not super effective, but way better than nothing! She's currently asleep in her Graco SweetPeace Comfort Center, which is about the coolest baby accessory I have ever seen. I want one in my size! Thanks to the PBS Supersisters for hosting the giveaway where I won it- I can't imagine dealing with a newborn without it!

Anyway. Birth story. Daniel's parents arrived Sunday night and came over Monday morning to take over Ethan-care. Daniel and I left at lunchtime, with Ethan crying many tears over our departure. That was pretty hard for me to take, so I sniffled a little in the hallway and elevator and car ride over to the hospital. But once we got to the hospital, things all went so fast that there was no time for sadness. We got checked in pretty much immediately, two nurses went through all the pre-op stuff with me, my OB and the anesthesiologists stopped by, and right at 4 PM, I walked down the hall to the operating room.

As I anticipated, the hardest part was the spinal anesthesia. The doctors were great, but the numbing shot hurt quite a bit, and it's just a hard thing to mentally accept- a needle being stuck in your spine. Without the distraction of horrendous labor pains, it's especially strange! The spinal went in pretty smoothly though, and soon I was being laid down on the table and prepared for surgery. Which is when I TOTALLY FREAKED. I'm 1) a control freak and 2) claustrophobic, so when I 1) couldn't move anything below my nipple line and 2) couldn't really take a deep breath and 3) there were drapes and blankets and oxygen masks up by my face... I totally freaked out. It took a few minutes for me to get used to the feeling and to calm myself down, and things went well after that.

Daniel sat and held my hand, and after what seemed like a very brief period of time, we were hearing our baby's first cries. I also started crying, which surprised me, as I'm not usually very emotional, but it's been such a long, complicated pregnancy that I just lost it. Daniel went over to take pictures and watch them clean Vivian up while I watched from a distance. Fortunately I could see pretty well from my spot, so didn't feel left out. Surgery took another hour after Vivian's delivery, as the tubal ligation took longer than planned. Daniel sat by my head and held Vivi while she cried- poor thing was hungry! Finally everything was done (yes, I reminded every doctor and nurse that I saw that the tubal ligation was to be done) and were wheeled back to our room for further testing for Vivian and a bunch of post-operation stuff for me.

I ended up not responding well to the IV pain medication that they gave me, so I don't remember much about the first night other than trying not to get sick. We finally got the medication situation resolved on Tuesday morning and things started improving rapidly after that. Vivian has been doing a pretty good job with the eating- although she likes to eat well sometimes and then pretend like she has no idea at all how to latch on at other times. Never a dull moment.

We were in the hospital just over 48 hours and had fun hosting friends and family visitors while we were there. Ethan's still not exactly enthusiastic about Vivian, but he's been treating her pretty well so far and has been much more interested in her than we thought he would be. We've had a few incidences of synchronized screaming since we came home yesterday- I think they're competing to see who can be louder!

It's still hard to believe that she's really ours and that we're really a family of 4. It seems like such a grown-up thing- to not just be married with kids, but to be married with kids and have your family be complete. We are blessed indeed.

It looks like the little one is waking up, which means Mommy needs to stop blogging and go serve her main purpose in life- lunch bar! :)

Thanks all for your nice comments and prayers- we appreciate them!


Amy said...

Yay! Congratulations! She's beautiful (love the dress in the last pic!). I had to LOL at the car picture - Im sure they'll be great friends :D

Hope you're getting at least a little sleep! XO

Beanie said...

Carrie, she is gorgeous!! I love, love, love her little green dress!

Thanks for sharing your birth story with us and I'm glad it wasn't super scary!


Ashley said...

Wow, congratulations! She is such a pretty baby! I love all that thick dark hair, Kirsten had hair like that too when she was born. Good luck with your recovery and getting sleep and dealing with two!!! I know all about the synchronized screaming. . . seriously, what is more stressful than that??

Lizzie said...

AMAZING! I can't believe she's here. We can't wait to meet her - I'm going to call and see how things are going this weekend.

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Vivian is beautiful! Congratulations!

I love photo where the two of them are looking in opposite directions! One for the scrapbook! (I don't actually have the patience to scrapbook, so maybe it should be "one for digital picture file on my computer.")

Sarah said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Erin said...

Congratulations again! Vivian is beautiful!

I always consider it a home run (sarcastically speaking) when I get both kids crying at once.

carrie said...

Oh, she is just so gorgeous and I'm cracking up over the photo with the kids "expressing great interest in each other." Sooo incredibly sweet! :)

Thank you for sharing your birth story Carrie, I can relate! ;)

Lindsey said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my paperbackswap post. :-) I decided to come on over and "meet" you and I see you've just had a beautiful little girl! I got kind of caught up in reading your posts, and your birth story, etc. Congratulations, what a beautiful family you have! :-)