Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ultrasound #14...

I had 7 ultrasounds with Ethan and thought that was a lot! Little did I know.  Today was ultrasound #14 for New Baby- this one was a growth scan, a repeat of the same measurements that landed me in the hospital two weeks ago. As usual, New Baby decided to be very busy and wiggly during the ultrasound. She made the technician work for the measurements!  I did get to see Baby's cute little face and watch as she played with her mouth and made funny faces.  It was all very cute. The technician remarked on how much hair New Baby seems to have- that's been a common comment lately, so apparently this kid has a lot of hair!  

And her growth looked pretty good- around the 8th percentile, so she's not dropped off any more, which is great.  Especially considering my very loose interpretation of the concept of bed rest.  My fluid levels are still on the upper end of normal, but nothing to worry about at the moment. I got spared the cervix exam this time, thank goodness :)  

So, we're continuing on as we have been. Trying to rest when I can and get everything done before June 1st! The c-section is scheduled for 4 PM that day.  I got my info packet in the mail yesterday, and was horrified to see that I have to stop eating for 8 hours before the surgery.  I'm so totally getting up at 6 AM to eat a big breakfast and drink coffee. Depriving a pregnant woman of food for 8 hours is just cruel and unusual!

Tomorrow is daycare day for Ethan and OB appointment/NST for me. And I'm contemplating a quick trip to Target while I have the car and the day to myself. I'm having serious withdrawal. It's been too long!  


Cher said...

Wow 14! I had 5 and thought that was a lot! Definetly go to Target and make sure you wander all the endcaps to check out all the good clearance!

armouris said...

info on ultrasound here - Seeing Unborn Baby Using Ultrasound