Monday, May 4, 2009

Since I have no life, I shall blog about my purchases

I know I promised to post pictures of the cards I made. But they're in Ethan's room and that's like 15 whole feet from where I am sitting now and then the camera is another 10 feet away in the kitchen... and it's just not going to happen. You'll just have to remain in suspense a while longer.

Okay, so purchases.  Do you all know about the wonderful/addictive site that is They have more info on their site, but basically the gist of it is that they post really cool (and generally fairly expensive items) on the site at greatly reduced prices, and those items stay up until they sell, then they post something else. So you have to check back often to see what's up for sale. Clothes, shoes, toys, etc. I've been watching the site for a while,
 but made my first purchase this week.  I bought 4 bibs by Sugarbooger by Ore.  They are fabulous! I've been buying the 3 pack of vinyl bibs from Target, but the velcro keeps giving out on them, meaning that Ethan can remove them with the slightest tug.  Which pretty much defeats the purpose of a bib.

I got two bibs for Ethan in cool patterns, a car and a train. And I got a pretty flowered bib and a honeybee for New Baby.  They're really sturdy canvas fabric, and are wipeable and have snap button closures instead of velcro, so I think these will last us a lot longer than the others I've been buying. And they stay on when Ethan is throwing one of his "I dont want to wear the bib why are you torturing me" temper tantrums. And they're super cute too.  Photos below. So if anyone is looking for nice bibs, I'd suggest giving these a chance! 

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cool site! :) How is the relaxing going?