Monday, May 4, 2009

Photos of stuff

Okay, here are pictures of the cards that I made that I like best. I discovered that I am not cut out for using stamps at all, but I do pretty well with just cutting and pasting and using stickers and ribbons. 

And, for cuteness, here are pictures of Ethan brushing his teeth tonight. He used to throw a huge fit during teeth brushing, but my amazing
 husband convinced him that it was a fun activity and now Ethan runs to the bathroom yelling "teeth!!!".  


Lizzie said...

I just LOVE the curl in the back of his hair. Too cute!

Jen said...

Jackson has decided that brushing his teeth is fun also and will even get his stool himself. He says "frush"! The only problem is getting him to brush and not chew on the toothbrush. We have no luck with the front teeth either - LOL!