Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day recap- and did you go vote for me today?

It's Monday, which means I'm home alone and on the couch.  Have I mentioned how much easier bed rest is getting these days? It about killed me back in January because I wasn't even really showing back then and I felt fine.  And even when this round of bed rest started 4 weeks ago, it was tough. But now I am huge and New Baby seems to be trying to claw her way out or something whenever I walk more than 5 steps. So the couch is a much more likeable place.  MUCH.

So Mother's Day was yesterday and we had a nice one here.  My in-laws came down from Vancouver and met us at church. I hadn't been in a few weeks so it was good to be there with the rest of the congregation. Daniel is on nursery duty this month (I bowed out of that), so it was just me and my mother and father and brother-in-law and future sister-in-law in church.  But not much talking goes on at church, so we survived.  Then we headed home and they went and did some shopping for an hour while Ethan napped, then it was off to lunch.  Lunch went well too, although conversations were a little difficult, with the noise and the fact that my in-laws are very soft spoken and sometimes have trouble finding the right English words. But we all ate well and Ethan was fairly well behaved.  They did come back to our condo for a while, where Ethan
 refused to spend any time with his grandparents, since he's completely and utterly in love with his uncle's fiancee and no one else is allowed near him when she's in the room.  But the grandparents will be back in three weeks, so they didn't mind too much.

Daniel even said how well I behaved myself and patted me on the head at the end of the evening.  Poor guy, he really deserves better than me behaving like a spoiled brat whenever we're around his family.  Maybe I'm starting to make progress though. Who knows. 

Okay, now go blog about something interesting so I can be entertained for a while. Daytime TV stinks. 

Here's me yesterday (36 weeks).  It's getting scary. 


LauraF said...

You look great! Best of luck in the coming weeks :)

Oh, and Happy Belated Mothers' Day!

mona said...

Adorable! Also, it's funny that whoever wrote the poll said, "surf the net." Is it 1999?

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I voted, made my sister vote, and my husband again. lol he thinks I am nuts. cute preggo pic! :) Do you have tivo? Tivo a ton of shows at night and then you can watch them all day!

Bundle 2 Baby said...

I voted! Hoping you win! :) Happy belated Mother's Day!