Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Warning- long post ahead!

This weekend was such a huge blessing to my family. We've been really tired and rundown lately with all the pregnancy complications and Ethan's recent bout with illness and juggling doctors' appointments and job responsibilities and... We really needed a good, fun weekend, and we got it!

Saturday we took Ethan up to his favorite park where he got to run around and enjoy the sunshine and dirt and swings and all the other things that make a toddler happy. Daniel was nice and friendly and struck up conversations with other parents. I'm far too scared of strangers to do that, so just sat around and looked large. Later in the day we walked/waddled over to the Seattle Center for our annual tradition of wandering around the Folklife Festival and eating strawberry shortcake, while feeling like the least cool people on the planet.

Me at 38 weeks. I told you I look large. I'm laughing in this picture because I told Daniel to back up- I look too big if he stands close. So he kept looking in the display and then backing up further. Unfortunately for me, we have a small house. I'm not even standing straight, so I'm even bigger than the picture really shows. We're going to blame New Baby's 1/2 pound weight gain for my size, not my cake/cookie consumption of the past few weeks.

On Sunday my boys went to church while I took a nap. Probably the second nap I've taken in the past year. I'm not much for naps, but have been sleeping so badly at night lately that I had to take advantage of the quiet house and get a little sleep. Later in the day, we gave in to our Seattle guilt and headed back out into the sunshine. The weather has been wonderful here, but that's the one problem about Seattle- no matter how tired you are and how much you just want to lie around the house, if the sun is shining, you pretty much have to go outside. It's practically a law. We headed over to the Ballard Locks to watch the boats go by- always fun and entertaining. We also decided to work on Ethan's nature deficit and found a big patch of grass for him to run around in. He liked the grass and leaves, but did not like the pinecone that Daniel found for him. We apparently need to ease into these nature things.

I thought Monday was going to be a quiet day, but we ended up continuing our "let's see Seattle" tour, with a morning trip out to the beach at Alki. This was Ethan's first beach experience, and he had a blast digging in the sand. And rolling in the sand. And putting sand in his ears. He's a 21-month old boy, so these things shouldn't surprise me :) He was pretty much coated from head to toe by the time we got done, but he had a great time.

So, a busy, but fun weekend. I felt like it was nice to spend the time together as our family of three, before life is shaken up a bit next week. NEXT WEEK. I'm having another child NEXT WEEK. I think I'm starting to get a little nervous. I know that I am starting to get nervous about something when I start seriously obsessing over lots of little, unrelated things. Like Daniel's green card and why we haven't heard anything even though it's been 6 months. And what happened to the cool prize that I won on a giveaway a month ago and why isn't the person responding to my emails! And what if the coding is wrong on my ultrasound and the insurance doesn't pay it and I have to (gasp) make a phone call about it! Yep, this are the things that keep me up at night. Not being cut open and having another child in 6 days. But missing giveaway prizes. My brain does this for some reason, I'm not sure why. It's kind of strange. I'm sure you will be reading more angsty emails in the next few days. Prepare yourselves :)

Pictures below (for those of you reading in a reader).

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MaryAnne said...

haha - we let our kids play with an old laptop too, for the same reason...