Friday, May 15, 2009

If you're going to tell me that the end of my pregnancy is not near, please don't look cheerful while you do so

If it's Friday, that must mean doctors' appointments for me and New Baby! And it did!  We had a ultrasound this morning, and things looked good.  Today I was told that she has "lots" of hair.  I'm starting to worry that this baby is going to come out with some sort of gigantic afro, since her hair has gotten so much attention on the ultrasound scans.  The ultrasound itself took 30 minutes, then I waited on the exam table for another 45 minutes while the tech tried to find a doctor to review the results.  Fortunately, I come to appointments with an ipod full of NPR podcasts and a book in my purse. So I was fine. Then I ate lemon meringue pie for lunch (my favorite) before going to my NST.  The pie made New Baby so hyper that the doctor wasn't sure what to make of the results of the NST, but she decided things looked okay :)

Then I had my regular OB appointment.  No progress on having a baby - apparently my cervix is still high (but soft), so my doctor cheerfully informed me that I would not be having a baby in the next few days. Not a surprise, but she didn't have to look so happy about it. I did sign the consent forms for both the c-section and the tubal ligation. I still think I want to write "tubal ligation" in big letters on my abdomen, just so it doesn't accidentally get forgotten. I am so done with pregnancy. 2 high-risk pregnancies in 2 years has been plenty. 

In Ethan news, he's definitely sensing that something is going on. He occasionally will stop playing and stare suspiciously at my abdomen.  I keep trying to explain that there's a baby in there, and that she's going to come out soon and be his little sister, but he usually just loses interest and wanders off. Heck, the idea of another baby is still a little hard for me to believe, so I can't really expect him to get it!  He also carries his favorite stuffed animals and his blanket and his paci everywhere. And sometimes his sippy cup and his dump truck. He's a tiny little guy, so it's getting pretty comical, watching him try to carry everything around. 

We're having our carseat installation checked tomorrow at a local hospital- that's the last thing on the list that we HAD to do before New Baby's arrival. So we're pretty much ready! 


Mommyto3andahusky said...

Yay for hairbows! Glad your ultrasound and stress test went well! We will have our little girl's here before we know it! :) Erin

Also we voted for your blog again today too. you are almost winning!

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Hadn't read your blog in awhile and oh my, you have changed!!

Best wishes,
Susan R (I am married to Liz's brother Brad)

Abby said...

Baby afro you are hilarious!

Do you have lots of heart burn that is a wife's tale about pregnancy of baby's that have lots of hair.

Come check out my blog as I am based out of the Seattle area too!