Friday, May 22, 2009

I continue on in my quest for the most random pregnancy ever...

Let's see. We're almost to 38 weeks now in this pregnancy. For a while everything was totally normal, then we had the subchorionic bleed, then the low fluid, then the fluid was fine, but the baby started dropping off in size, then the size got worse and the fluid level got too high, then all of a sudden the baby jumped in size, but fluid level also jumped, which are generally not things that are seen together.

The results from today's ultrasound were so surprising that the radiologist didn't believe the technician had done the measurements right, but he ended up with the same results. In two weeks, New Baby jumped from 8th to 21st percentile in size. During the two weeks when I have been on my feet almost constantly, dealing with toddler illnesses and Daniel working long hours and cheating on bed rest and going shopping. :) It's all that praying that everyone's been doing!

So, no baby for us today. I'm so ridiculously glad. I had my OB appointment this morning, and she had instructed me to come back if the results of the ultrasound were bad, and we'd discuss the baby being delivered immediately. I was briefly fine with the idea, but then I thought about Ethan being sick and wanting to cuddle and I just was sick at the idea of leaving him when he's not feeling well. I need a little bit more time with my boy before things get all confusing for us.

Ethan's still home sick- we just still can't seem to beat the diarrhea and vomiting both. It's pretty much one or the other, so we're having to wrestle him to the ground to feed him pedialyte in a syringe. He refuses to take it in a popsicle or a bottle or a sippy cup, so syringe it is. He really wants milk, but even the lactose-free milk made him sick last night, so we are not quite there yet. He missed day care all week this week- I try not to think about how much money that cost us, but I still do. Now we're just hoping he'll recover for this weekend, so we can get out and enjoy the sunshine and the Folklife Festival.

In totally random news- I had some time to waste between appointments today, so went to a couple of nearby drugstores to browse. While I was there I decided to buy Father's Day cards for my dad and Daniel, since who knows when I'll have time to shop again. At the first store I found all the cards I needed, except one for Ethan to give Daniel. Because the store had one son-to-dad card, and I didn't like it. They seemed to have lots of daughter-to-dad cards though, but I didn't think much of it. Then I went to another drugstore and found the same thing there- except this time I counted. In the one section I was in, there were 18 daughter-to-dad cards and ONE son-to-dad card. There was also one cat-to-dad and one dog-to-dad. Do sons not give their dads cards anymore? I found this whole thing very strange.

Today is my friend Liz's 30th birthday. Drop by her blog and wish her a happy one!


Lizzie said...

GO NEW BABY!!! Grow, grow, grow!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

So glad the baby is doing well! :)

Nicole Feliciano said...

Wow that is great news that the baby is so big. Almost at the finish line.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

how are you doing? Hope your weekend went well and everyone is healthy! :)

Add me to facebook if you have one so I can keep up when you have your baby! :) My name is Erin Branscom on there. :) Erin

Ashley said...

Wow, this baby better appreciate someday all the crazy things you went through for her!! I'm so glad things are doing well though and your baby is growing. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!