Saturday, May 9, 2009

How totally cool!

All alone at home again- Ethan and Daniel have gone out to the park to dig in the dirt. Even if I wasn't on bedrest, it would be best for me to miss outings like that :)

Okay, so the cool thing!  I've been able to see New Baby doing her practice breathing on the ultrasounds for the last few weeks.  But today she had her back pressed up against the top of my abdomen, and I was able to feel it and see it for the first time.  She's getting pretty good at it! It's not something I ever felt when I was pregnant with Ethan, so I think it's pretty cool. Of course now she's given herself the hiccups with all that practice breathing, so we're back to that funny feeling. 

I have to say, even though I've had lots of ultrasounds and appointments and it's been a challenge scheduling everything and a big drain on my time, I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to see New Baby growing and forming and becoming a real baby.  Every time I see her little face on the screen, I think about the little blob that she was at our first ultrasound 29 weeks ago, and I am amazed. I've been able to see how she has changed so quickly and how God has guided her little body to grow and become what it needs to be. I've been able to see the chambers of her heart beating and the inside of her brain.  I always leave being amazed by modern technology and by the God who creates us.  She certainly is "fearfully and wonderfully made."  (Psalm 139:14)


Lindsay said...

Awww, or is it awe? Haha, great perspective Carrie. Good for you to find the good in the endless appointments.

AZMom said...

Very cool... :-)